Assalamualaikum my friends and readers?

Remember my new cactus, Tenma? I just bought it like two months ago. 


After the first bloomed, I transfered Tenma into a new bigger pot. Few weeks after that, I was surprised to see that it started to bloom again. This time I spotted four flower buds on it.

The flower pop out one by one each day. I’ve seen the flower before but still enjoying the beautiful vibrant colour of it.

Cun cun, during the first day of Chinese New Year, all the flowers pop out. They looked like horns. Beautiful horns. There goes my beautiful cheery Tenma. 
In case you are wondering, I named the cactus after this cute Tenma Chan from the School Rumble’s anime/manga character. Just like her, right… 😊

Zaraki Kenpachi

Assalamualaikum, good day everyone!

Introducing, the new member of my cactus family…. This is Zaraki Kenpachi. I got it’s name from the anime character, Bleach. It looks so like a warrior, like a ninja holding a samurai sword. (yeah…. here goes my imagination. 😜) It looks like a dragon too. What do you think?

This unique cactus was given by my mom and my youngest brother on my birthday. They bought it at the Market Stutong. It was smaller than this before, now I had transfered it to a bigger pot. Few months after, it sprouting like there is a Samurai sword. hehe. 


Hello Lovelies.. 🌡

This is Sayuri. Loves the leaves are getting fat! Hehe. Last month, I bought the small white stones at the aquarium shop. They are normally for decorating the aquarium. I bought them to decorate my cactuses. Voila, my cactus looks outstanding with the stones. 

And Amani also lending her hands to help me. She was the one who decorate Yabuki. This cactus belongs to DearDear. She also insisted to put the drink stirrers on both of the cactuses. Great! Now they looks like tempting drinks. πŸ’–

While some of my cactuses grew healthier, Lara Jean looks like it’s needed an extra attention. It’s become thinner and bold. This succulent was bought from Cameron Highlands, losing it might turn me into a Godzilla. Lol! Therefore, I asked some sifus in the Malaysian Gardeners group about it. They told me to put it under the sun instead of keeping it in the shades. 

So there goes my everyday duties. I would put them into trays and let them sunbathing. Thanks to the weather nowadays, hot weather is good for them. I’ve been sunbathed them since last week, I already saw some improvement with Lara Jean. Her leaves getting fatter. Will update soon with their latest condition. 

p/s : Seems like my cactuses has their own name. Hehe. Love naming them. They are my pets. 😻

Peach Roses and new baby cactis

Hello Sunday! 😸


In my last post, I have asked you which roses did I bought? Well, since only one had guessed and unfortunately that’s not the answer. So, there’ll be no prize for everyone. πŸ˜” The above picture was neither the gift nor the cactus that I bought. The cactuses pot has inspired me to make one like that. The pot is cost RM104.++ if you are asking how much. πŸ’Έ


Ta-da! This is the roses that I bought. I have been dreaming of having my own peach roses all the while. Lovely isn’t it! I love peach roses instead of red roses. Honestly, this is the first time I bought flower potted rose. I’m hoping it to survive well. Therefore I welcome any green fingers pro to give some tips and advice. πŸ˜‰


And here are my new baby cactis. The one on the left was chosen by me. While the right side was chosen by DearDear. It surprised me when he told me that he would like to have one for himself. Wow! New hobby?


I bought three cactis that day. The third one is the one that in the middle of the two coloured cactis. I saw this type of cactus at Cameron Highlands before but I didn’t bought it that time. It took a risk to bring home. Couldn’t bear to watch it broken . haha. Luckily I found this type again. I just grab it for instance. 🌡


It’s so addictive! I even have set to mind what to buy next. muahahaha πŸ˜‚

Potted Plants on Sale!

Moshi moshi minna san~ πŸ˜„

Hello and welcome. How was you weekend? Well, I’d been certainly busying myself with my family and…. my new babies.


New babies? πŸ˜‰ First of all, let me served your eyes with this beautiful roses. Aren’t they look beautiful? Well, I bought one of them… Can you guess which colour? 🌹🌹


I always can’t say NO to cactuses. They are just beautiful in my eyes. These species were kind of hard to get in Kuching. I saw these types at Cameron Highlands. DearDear told me to choose which one I liked. Well, I chose two… and he chose one.


I think that were not enough. I’m still dreaming of other cactuses… I’m going again, after payday. hehe. Well, if you are in Kuching, you can hop over to the entrance of Tun Jugah building. They are selling potted plants until March. Looking for valentine’s gift to your loved ones? These potted plants are the perfect choices… Swoon over their hearts with flowers and plants! πŸ’•πŸ’•

Urm.. that hint was actually directed to DearDear indeed. Lol! 😜

Soon I’m going to reveal the three new babies that I bought and the mystery rose. So what’s the guessing? I think I have some gift to give away for the correct answer. πŸ’

Lola updates

Hola! How’s everyone?

I’m sorry for being in a silent mode for these few days. I just couldn’t put things into words. Writer blocked? Well, I’m not a writer. Am just a lazy blogger. Hehe. 😁

Well, weekend is here. I love weekend because I get to spend my morning time by watching my babies outside. And then, I would take some nature pictures. I guessed plants are beautiful in the morning. Don’t you guys think so?


Do you still remember Lola? Bought her when it was this small. Cute…


Now, look at her new look. Still cute, though. Hehe. I’ve transfered Lola into a bigger pot. I hope you won’t find me weird. I like to give their names. They are babies to me. ☺️

Love grows

Hello lovelies ❀️❀️❀️

Remember this cactus?


It used to be my new cactus after the one that had died. Before I learned how to take care of cactuses. I bought this one as a replacement. This is Rilo. Remember? Now… look at Rilo after seven months…


It’s growing up! When I see that it size couldn’t fit the original pot, so I transfered it into a bigger pot. Your new home, Rilo. 😁


Hello friends and readers…

How are you doing today? Hopefully, there’ll be no more dragging the Monday blues. Hehe.


Last Sunday, I’ve tried to put Amani into an evening nap. However, she was so much sugar rush and didn’t want to sleep at all. So I took her downstairs and started gardening. Yeah, I taught her how to plant a cactus. Indeed, I was changing my cactus into a bigger pot. Most of them had grown bigger, and needed a bigger space. Yeah… love it!

Since I don’t have a proper gardening tools (yet! 😜), so I borrowed Amani’s sand castle tools. Lol! In fact, they’re so fancy and she thought we were just playing around. Hehe.

Next project: Veggies planting. (Had to ask Kathy, for more tips on this project) 😁 Ciao!

Babies’ new home

Hola everyone!

I have brought home new babies from Cameron Highlands.


Welcome to a new home, babies! They are five of them. I also learned some tips how to take care of the cactus. The uncle told me, instead of pouring water into the pot, use a spray bottle and avoid spraying on the cactus. Just spray it on the soil. Well now I know I had made mistakes towards my previous cactuses. Sigh. πŸ˜”


Here are my collection. I am planning to upcycle the motorcycle basket into a cactus rack. For the time being, I just put them here. Can you see the white plastic on the bottom of the pot? That’s the egg carton! Instead of throwing it away, I keep it as my pot holder. πŸ˜€

That’s it for today! Hope you have a great week ahead. Ciao! πŸ˜ƒ

Hana Kimi

Hello lovelies…

How are you today? I hope everyone is fine and healthy.

I’ve been taking a lot of nature especially plant photos lately. My mom is a plant lover. I grew up getting used to be surrounded by flowers. She really loves Orchids. One day she told me her spider orchid flower was blooming. Here is the photo of the orchid.


Quite a rare species I guessed. Taking care of orchids is not easy. I would surrender in the first place to plant an orchid. lol. XD


And this is my favourite flower. Hydrangea. I bought this flower as my mom’s birthday gift. It was still a baby plant when I bought it. I just love looking it blooms. :-*


One day my mom bought me this new cactus. Yeah it looks like my last yellow cactus. Perhaps she thought I was still mourning over my dying cactus, so she bought the one that look alike the old cactus. But this time it’s red colour.


Now , if you remember Lola, my new cactus to replace the yellow cactus. Well, it grows!! I have to make sure the cactusses must get enough sun. Instead of keeping it indoor, I’ve arrangged them into one big pot.


Introducing, here is another new Cactus also given by my mom. More exciting is the flower just bloomed on a few days after it came. I heard that if the cactus flower is blooming, there will be a good luck for us. I do hope so…. πŸ˜‰