September Challenge

I have the biggest challenge to do for this month. I will name it The September Challenge.

Are you ready to know it?
Here it goes.


My biggest September Challenge is to makeover this horrible section into my workspace. Phew~

Perhaps you would say it’s a simple task. But not for me because of the following reasons:
1. So many stuff; wanted and unwanted stuff of my parents,  my brothers and my books during my studies.
2. Dust enemy; Since I have a skin allergy to dust so I might say this is the biggest challenge. Be prepared to scratch myself and get running nose. huuu…
3. Limited time; From 7am – 5pm, I’m occupied outside. 5pm – midnite, my quality times with my family. My Saturday had been marked as ‘Parent in law day’ where we would spend our time with them. Sunday is the only free day unless we’re not going out for leisure… The only free time is after midnight. I might making noise while others are sleeping.

So that’s it. Challenge is challenge. I hope you will see the makeover soon. Wish me luck!XD