#tbt : Sister

– #throwbackthursday and my throwback would be over 20 years ago. Sounds old? Lol!


Here is the picture of me and my sister. I was 5 years old and my sister was 10. We have a very opposite characters. One was a shy girl, very humble… and the other one so cheeky and adventurous. I bet You can guess who is who by looking at the picture. Lol!


You’ve seen the seniors, now let’s compare the juniors of Azura & Ashikkin. 😜 Yaya and Amani are more like sisters. It’s like looking back of me and my sister again. The characters were not much different from their moms as well. Lol!

Tell me, did your kid ‘inherits’ your character or your partner more? 😀


My brother and his family came to Kuching last weekend.
Amani got to meet her cousins Danish and Damia.


Alli and Azura Juniors. Looks like they’re getting well together. Indeed, they keep scratching, shouting to each other. Pengsan! Lol!


Here’s the pretty Damia. A very active baby indeed. Now they’re back to Bintangor. Our home is back to normal mode. Sunyi.

Hopefully, we’ll meet again soon. 😉

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Much Love: Azura Chan.