Paperclip Bookmark


I love bookmarks. I lost count on my bookmark collection. Still, it won’t stop me for making my own bookmarks. I learned the idea from Pinterest. Here are what you need : 

  1. Paper Clip
  2. Fancy Paper
  3. Glue 
  4. Sticker, Button, Ribbon, Lace, Deco Tape 

Cut into rectangle shape, fold into one and glue it together at the paper clip. Finish? Not yet…

Here comes the fun part. Deco them with buttons, laces, ribbons, tapes or stickers… Amani did helped me some. Simple as that. I bet you are wondering why making so many of them. Yeah, I’m selling the bookmarks. 😊

And…. this is my most favourite. Love the greeny floral pattern and the green snail. 🐌🐌🐌 This bookmark suits to a slow reader like me. πŸ˜‚

The Craft Swap Project : Pin Cushion

Hello everyone!

Before Hari Raya, me and Ain had organised a craft project in our group “The Craft Project”. It was our first project since the group has been created. The main objective of the project is for an ice breaking session among the group member and at the same time to show each of the group member’s talent in crafting.


So the project was called “The Craft Swap Project”. Every group member were assigned to each partner. The project title is a ‘Pin Cushion’. Every participant required to make one Pin Cushion (freeway medium) for their assigned partner. The deadline was given for about a month for them to complete the project. After that, they need to send the pin cushion to their partners.

I also took part in this project. So here what I’ve made for my partner.


Just a simple pillow pin cushion with a daisy on top of it. πŸ˜‰

I never expected to receive an overwhelmed responsed from the members. Thanks to each of the participant for their efforts and supports. So here I will present their contributions for the project. You will be amazed by their creative creations.


Thank you Ct Rokhaida, Ain I. Anuar, Iskandar Edziah, Mass Manan, Queen Zaza, Ashikkin M. Nor, Rafidah Ahmad Moghni & Nazirah Nony. 😍


Thank you Eino Shi, Ross Mor, Nazatul Shida, Jenn Mor & Orie Momoe.

I wish in the future, we could make a craft gathering and this time we meet in person yeah? ☺️

Until our next project… see ya.

Smalls SAL April 2014

Hello my lovely friends and readers….
I am so excited today because it is the day to present the Smalls SAL 2014 Challenge. Why the excitement? Because, this is the first time I manage to submit the challenge on time!
Well done to me! (Pat myself… hehe)

Without wasting time, let’s see what I did for this month challenge.


A snail? Yes, a snail in a garden. That’s Gary. Spongebob’s pet. Lol! I had purposedly leave some empty space because I’m going to stitch an envelope besides Gary. That will be features in May challenge. Stay tuned!

Perhaps you want to take a closer look at Gary…. Let zooming a little bit closer… Tada!!


It looks a little bit shocked there… No paparazzi please. Lol. I kind of adore this cutie. Don’t you think Gary is too adorable? x)

My TUSAL April check in also filling up. I can see myself had making improvement this month.


Hopefully I can fufill the jar by the end of this year. Today is the last day of my giveaway. Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner. Don’t forget to come back. πŸ˜‰ Ciao.


Smalls SAL March 2014

Helloo everybody…
How are you today?
It’s time for the Smalls SAL March 2014. Are you ready….


Tada! I made a blue felt ornament. This time, I chose beading materials. The final result wasn’t really satisfied me. It looks messy. I guessed it might be becausec of the blue thread. The colour is too striking, right. Hmmm….. However, the Princess loves it. She said “it’s the most gorgeous handbag I’ve ever seen!” Lol!!!

It suits to you, Princess…

As for the TUSAL 2014 challenge. I think I haven’t meet the target.


It really shows that I had not doing my stitching/sewing project so much. 😦

Till then, peeps. Happy weekend!


Smalls SAL February 2014

I’m behind the deadline, again…
For Smalls SAL February 2014, I made this :


A pink rose ornament. As for this time, I stitched a small ribbon rosebud so it will add a 3D effect. I combined it with felt and cotton fabric.


Instead of one, I’m making two ornaments. Please ignore my bad and messy stitches. Need to improve it.

I’m planning to gather all the ornanents until December 2014 and hang it on a special tree. We’ll see…. ^_Γ—

Bye for now.

Azura Chan. xoxo

DIY Vanity Makeover

Day 6 of the quarantine process…
Amani’s condition is getting well. However, rules are rules. We are still forbidden to go outside. So I take this opportunity to fill the time with my craft project and reading books.

Yesterday something possessed me. I became too energetic, too crafty that suddenly the idea to makeover my vanity set pop up in my mind.


I started with matching the wrapping paper and a table liner. Perhaps you would asked me why Pink? I don’t have the answer. It’s just so irresistible to look at the lovely flowers design and polka dots design.


First, let’s take a look at the closet behind the vanity mirror. I really disagree with the look. So dull and unorganised.


And then the cutting and matching process begins. What do you think? I love it! So I keep on doing the process until the final result.


Ta-da!! The look has transform! It looks so alive compared to the previous look.


Last but not least, this is the front dressing table look. Took my vintage flower vase to stuff the lotion bottles instead. Now… no more sore eyes.

Please tell me, do you like my idea? Till then, friends… bye for now.

Azura Chan xoxo

Little Amoi


That day, as usual DearDear and Amani would fetched me from work… and they would spent time waiting in the car. As I entered the car, I saw Amani was holding the paper plane.

So I asked her where did she get the plane. She told me her teacher made it for her. What makes it so funny was her nickname in school was written on the plane. Yes, her teachers and friends call her “Amoi” I remember the first day I sent her to school, the teacher told me she looks like “Amoi”. So the name was stick to her until now. Lol.


I bet she’ll carry the name until she grows up. At home, we also used to call her Amoi. She’s okay with the name so far and didn’t get confused when we call her own name. She understands that she have two names. πŸ˜€

It also reminds me of Yaya, my niece. She loves to be call as “Kakak” when she was Amani’s age. Kids are funny… lol.