October Small SAL 2014

Hi everyone!

Finally I’ve managed to fill the month with stitching for the Small SAL. I mean, really stitch a bigger size than my previous work. Lol.


Tada! My blooming irises! Got this kit from my aunt when I was visiting her in KL last month. It is so lovely, compared to the cross stitch kit that can be found in Kuching. How I wish to buy so many quality cross stitch kits, not bothering on the expensive price.

Please visit to the Small SAL link to see other participants’ stitch project. Till then.. bye!

39 Squares Project & Smalls SAL June 2014

Ahah. What a long title. ×D

Anyway, hello everyone. How are you feeling today? Bless you all with a great health and happy mood.

Today I’m combining my post on 39 squares project and Smalls SAL June 2014.


The 39 Squares Project is organised by Angela of Pretty Little Things in a Box. I’ve been meaning to start the project since she started to introduce it. Too bad, my time is always running out.


It was only last weekend that I managed to start the project. It is an embroidery project with 39 squares/blocks on a cloth. I’ve only started to stitch on two squares. It’s a great achievement for me though…. with my tight schedules and busy daylife. lol.

Now let’s take a bit closer to what I had stitched on it.


The first square is the red roses, and the second square is a bicycle. After halfway stitching I realised that I had wrongly chose the colour of the thread. I should have chosen darker thread or perhaps double stitch the lines. Any tips for me?

Since I have not check in for Small SAL June 2014, so I’m presenting the red roses and a bicycle for the Small SAL. 😀

Thank you for dropping by. Cheers!


Smalls SAL April 2014

Hello my lovely friends and readers….
I am so excited today because it is the day to present the Smalls SAL 2014 Challenge. Why the excitement? Because, this is the first time I manage to submit the challenge on time!
Well done to me! (Pat myself… hehe)

Without wasting time, let’s see what I did for this month challenge.


A snail? Yes, a snail in a garden. That’s Gary. Spongebob’s pet. Lol! I had purposedly leave some empty space because I’m going to stitch an envelope besides Gary. That will be features in May challenge. Stay tuned!

Perhaps you want to take a closer look at Gary…. Let zooming a little bit closer… Tada!!


It looks a little bit shocked there… No paparazzi please. Lol. I kind of adore this cutie. Don’t you think Gary is too adorable? x)

My TUSAL April check in also filling up. I can see myself had making improvement this month.


Hopefully I can fufill the jar by the end of this year. Today is the last day of my giveaway. Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner. Don’t forget to come back. 😉 Ciao.


Smalls SAL February 2014

I’m behind the deadline, again…
For Smalls SAL February 2014, I made this :


A pink rose ornament. As for this time, I stitched a small ribbon rosebud so it will add a 3D effect. I combined it with felt and cotton fabric.


Instead of one, I’m making two ornaments. Please ignore my bad and messy stitches. Need to improve it.

I’m planning to gather all the ornanents until December 2014 and hang it on a special tree. We’ll see…. ^_×

Bye for now.

Azura Chan. xoxo

Smalls SAL January 2014

Ola everyone!

I’ve just finished my cross stitch for Smalls SAL for January 2014. Please click on the link Smalls SAL for more info.

Should have posted about it on 29 January, but I only managed to get it done last night. Sigh~

So here’s mine :-


A bit messy. 😦


I’m going to make it as an album cover. Look out for it in the future, aye!

Now, it’s time for blog hoping to other contestants. Da~

Oh, don’t forget to join my giveaway darls!

Birthday Giveaway!

Azura Chan. xoxo

Wrap up

Hello friends and readers…
So I’ve been neglecting my blog again. Ooh… how I miss you guys so much. I’ve become a silent reader to your blog as well..

I’m back in Kuching. Returned from my short holiday last week. Am not saying it was a vacation instead, because we were last minute had to changed the plan to attend my husband’s cousin wedding (The Solemnization). Indeed, we’re planning to go this week (The Reception). Luckily we didn’t go this week, cuz my father was discharged from the hospital last Thursday.

First, enjoy the pictures of me (Mamani, precisely) in KL.

The solemnization. 14/12/13


Amani and her ‘princess’ dress. Thumbs up for the ‘makcik’, she sewed Amani’s dress for one day only!


Taking a picture with Cinderella. I told her to pose like a princess, and then… okay. That was a princess pose, I guess. hehe.

When I was in KL, I received a bad news from Kuching which was about my father. He had to do another surgery. For this year only, he had done 5 surgeries. I don’t feel peaceful when I was in KL. I feel guilty for leaving my parent even it for a short period. Luckily my brothers and sister were there to support them.

Alhamdulillah, his condition has improved. He is now at home and of course with his condition, our routine also changed. Hopefully he will recover very soon. Thanks to friends and families for your supports, and your pray…

Moving on to another wrap up story… This morning as I browsed for the Popin Craft page, I saw the pictures of the Open Call 2013 POPIN Exhibition.

**Picture from facebook/popincraft

Does it rings your bell? Yeah, my cross stitch project was on the exhibition. And there were my friends’ as well. Well, if I stick to my first plan, I decided to attend the exhibition in Singapore. Perhaps it’s not my year. Will try it again next year.

**Picture from facebook/popincraft
There you go…. my froggie was in between of the two ladies. hehe. Never mind myself couldn’t go to Singapore. At least my artwork has reached the country.  I hope my friend Angela has attend the exhibition. Don’t forget to snap pictures, dear. hehe.

Till then, bye~
Azura Chan xoxo

Popin Project Final

Hi there. Happy Monday!
As I promised I am going to reveal my Cross Stitch Popin Project.


After searching for so many ideas, at last I decided to sew on my favourite character – Kerokerokeroppi. I thought by sewing this froggy will trigger my mood.


I love it when finally the froggy had all the colours. Since it looked so simple, I add in two clouds and purple flowers around it. The yellow and fuschia flowers under the froggy were my last minute idea.


So here’s the final product of the project. Ain suggested to sew a trademark on it, so I sewed the AC on the right. AC stands for Azura Chan. 😛

I have posted my work to Singapore. And I hope I can get a chance to see my work at the exhibition next month. Which means, I’m planning to visit Singapore! Yeay~

Craft : Cross Stitch Pouch

Hello friends…
I bet you must be wondering how’s my first cross stitch progress. With proud and joy I present to you the final result of the stitch project.


The sleepy cat is now printed on the pouch. Not bad for a beginner like me. Hehe.

My Popin cross stitch project is ongoing. Don’t want to reveal it first. Wait aaa…. 😛

Yesterday I told you that I would continued my story on my labour day… Well, I decided to postpone that too. Perhaps tonight…

Till then, Happy Friday!

Finally it’s here…

The hoop for Popin Craft Project has arrived yesterday. Saw the parcel from Singapore on the table and it made me so excited to open it.


Enclosed within the parcel is the 8 inch hoop and the guidelines for the project. Yes, I accidently tore the top of the letter. Huhu..

Now it’s time to think of the design on what to sew on it. Do you have any ideas for me? 

Cross Stitch Progress

Everything is addictive to me.
Reading book is addictive.
Crafting is addictive.
Cross stitching is addictive.
Recently I’m addicted to Pinterest. Couldn’t help myself to scroll down and pin the picture. lol.

I bet you want to know the progress of my cross stitch.


Almost there… yeap. Hopefully I can finish it within this week.

Heard that my friend’s hoop for Popin project has arrived today. Can’t wait to come home.huhu..