Craft : Cross Stitch Pouch

Hello friends…
I bet you must be wondering how’s my first cross stitch progress. With proud and joy I present to you the final result of the stitch project.


The sleepy cat is now printed on the pouch. Not bad for a beginner like me. Hehe.

My Popin cross stitch project is ongoing. Don’t want to reveal it first. Wait aaa…. 😛

Yesterday I told you that I would continued my story on my labour day… Well, I decided to postpone that too. Perhaps tonight…

Till then, Happy Friday!

Finally it’s here…

The hoop for Popin Craft Project has arrived yesterday. Saw the parcel from Singapore on the table and it made me so excited to open it.


Enclosed within the parcel is the 8 inch hoop and the guidelines for the project. Yes, I accidently tore the top of the letter. Huhu..

Now it’s time to think of the design on what to sew on it. Do you have any ideas for me? 

Cross Stitch Progress

Everything is addictive to me.
Reading book is addictive.
Crafting is addictive.
Cross stitching is addictive.
Recently I’m addicted to Pinterest. Couldn’t help myself to scroll down and pin the picture. lol.

I bet you want to know the progress of my cross stitch.


Almost there… yeap. Hopefully I can finish it within this week.

Heard that my friend’s hoop for Popin project has arrived today. Can’t wait to come home.huhu..

Challenge: Cross Stitch

Guess what, I will be taking a cross stitch challenge.

Why do I call it is a challenge? Cuz I’ve never cross stitch!

My sister loves cross stitch.  I remember she had a cross stitch book, which was her ‘favourite’ book that includes all the tutorials and patterns for cross stitch.

Last week, I found this challenge about Community Project by Poppincraft from my blog friend : Wisher.


Look at the name on the number 51 (yeah.. typo on my father’s name though…) I also invited my two friends (Emie & Ain) to join this challenge. Can’t wait to have the hoop arrived and start immediately.

Am I taking the risk taking the challenge without preparation? (Whoaa… sounds like a really big challenge. hehe)

I have started practising to learn and do simple cross stitch.

cross stitch kit

So I bought the cross stitch kits for a starter. I thought it would be hard to do it but then I found that it was very fun and addicted. (Another addiction??)

Hopefully I manage to finish this pattern only for one week.

My progress so far :


Day 1 & Day 2 progress. Chaiyok!