Challenge: Cross Stitch

Guess what, I will be taking a cross stitch challenge.

Why do I call it is a challenge? Cuz I’ve never cross stitch!

My sister loves cross stitch.  I remember she had a cross stitch book, which was her ‘favourite’ book that includes all the tutorials and patterns for cross stitch.

Last week, I found this challenge about Community Project by Poppincraft from my blog friend : Wisher.


Look at the name on the number 51 (yeah.. typo on my father’s name though…) I also invited my two friends (Emie & Ain) to join this challenge. Can’t wait to have the hoop arrived and start immediately.

Am I taking the risk taking the challenge without preparation? (Whoaa… sounds like a really big challenge. hehe)

I have started practising to learn and do simple cross stitch.

cross stitch kit

So I bought the cross stitch kits for a starter. I thought it would be hard to do it but then I found that it was very fun and addicted. (Another addiction??)

Hopefully I manage to finish this pattern only for one week.

My progress so far :


Day 1 & Day 2 progress. Chaiyok!