Doll House


Happy Sarawak Day! 

When I was a little girl, doll house was so ‘in’ at that time. Especially Barbie house. I always dreamed of a doll house for my dolls. It was so expensive, and still expensive nowadays. I know my parent couldn’t afford to buy one for me. Therefore, my sister and I created our own doll house by using used box. 

Now I taught my daughter how to make her own doll house. I let her chose the wrapping paper and stickers. My job is to cut the window and help her to decorate the interior. Haha. I know it’s quite messy but it’s her job then. She decorated the fancy stickers glued the papers. Actually I made a door, but she insisted to cover it because she told me Maripossa’s house doesn’t have a door. They entered using a window. 😅 (Barbie Maripossa overload!)

This is the interior look from the window view. Got a hanging lamp, picture on the wall, a mirror and a single bed. Oh, there is Gigi (from Monster High) visitting Maripossa. 😂 

Crafty Weekend

Hola! 🌺

On weekend, as I browsing the Pinterest, I saw one tutorial on how to make flower using cupcake wraps. I asked Amani to join, and so we started to make the flowers.

I never thought it was easy peasy to do this. Look, Amani can do it herself. Please ignore the crumpled paper on the stick. It was Amani’s handmade flower. I loves seeing the imperfect result of what she did. That’s her hardwork. She also added a ladybird on the stem. And the jug also, she took it from her toys bucket. Cute! 


She told me this bouquet was called “Flower untuk NekMak” (Flower for grandmother). How sweet. 💐 This could be an idea for making gift on the Teacher’s Day celebration this Saturday! 

Here’s a tutorial I got it from Pinterest. At first glance, you may think they are real flowers right? So don’t waste any cupcake wraps, and start making a bouquet of flower from it. Good luck! 😉

DIY Planner 2015

Hello lovelies! 😘


I always hunting for planners from the online shops and also from the bookstore. I was told to myself that one day I’ll buy one cute and fancy planner like the picture above. However, I did not buy any of them since I am so stingy with the price. Lol! 😁


Therefore, I decided to make my own DIY planner instead. Well, it wasn’t easy to find such fancy stationeries in my country. All we could find are some plain and boring stuff. One day, I saw the card holder folder at the bookstore. It only cost RM9.90. So I bought it and started my planner project.


Ta-da!!! Look how it has transform! 😄😄 Polkadots pattern is definitely my choice, with some blue lace to highlight the cover. Now, let peek into inside my planner.


Well, since I have just started using planner this month… there aren’t much to show yet. I’ll keep you updated. 😉

My total cost of DIY Planner is only RM15! Very worth it! 😄

DIY Photo Frame

Hello my lovely readers and crafters…
Today I’m going to share with you one simple project to deco a photo frame.


Here, I have a photo frame. And it looks bored. Yawn~


All you need is some rosebud ribbons, ribbon and glue. Start decorate as you like and…. Voila! Now, it has transforms into 3D Roses photo frame.

If you’re lucky, you could win this photo frame from my giveaway. Don’t forget to participate in the giveaway. The closing date is on 29th May, 2014. Hurry up!


Warm Hearted

My dear niece – Yaya saw my craft collection that day.

And then she requested me to make one ‘heart’ for her.

I was so busy until I always forgot to make it.

Every day she will ask me whether I have complete the ‘heart’ or not. muhuhu….

Feeling guilty, I brought along my craft tool to the office and started making it (while nobody (my boss) caught me. hihihi).

Ta-daa! Finished the first phase.

felt heart1

Showed this to her, but she wanted me to add in more charms onto her ‘heart’.

OK… Just for you my dear. :-*

Now, Ta-da!! (second time)

heart felt2

And she finally loves this one.

She had hung it at her ipad cover.

Any request from you my lovely readers?  😉