Kakak & Dedek

Do you own a doll when you were kid? I remember, two Barbies that I own before. One was the blonde Barbie that we bought at Kuching Plaza. My sister had the similar one for herself. Barbie was a great toy invention back at that time.

On my 10th birthday, my dad bought me a nurse Barbie. It was my favourite doll so far. It has complete set of nursing wear, watch, brush, earing and medical briefcase. I hope to keep the doll until I’m old, unfortunately it had been ‘destroyed’ by my brother. The arm had been broken into three pieces. 😥


Now it’s Amani’s turn to explore the experience of having the dolls. She likes to take care of her dolls as her friends. I saw her put the doll into sleep, singing together and when she was drinking, she tried to fed some to her doll. Which I found so sweet of her. She named the two of them Kakak and Dedek. I’m planning to give her Barbie’s set of house when she is a bit older. Actually it was my ‘never granted’ birthday wish when I was a kid before. Hehe…