November.2013 Project (II)

Now let me revealed to you the whole outcomes for the November 2013 Project Part Two.

11 sets of dowry for the girl. Pink is the chosen colour, English theme…  and while decorating these dowries, I feel so excited and happy. Maybe it is because of the colour… or I’m using Hydrangea! (my favourite flower).


9 sets of dowry for the man. Silver and black for the chosen colour, and I chose white roses and silver beads to make it more vibrant. At first I deco 6 roses for each tray, in the end I only put one or two roses so that the dowries look more masculine.


Well, actually these dowries were made for my cousin’s engagement. Congratulations to Druz & Indah! Lovely couple.

With so many obstacles, I’m relieved that I managed to finish the task on time. Not forgetting here, I would like to thank my ‘bidan terjun’ – Miss Ain for helping me until the last minute of the deadlines. hehe. Thank you for answering my SOS call. Projek Kilat! as she mentioned that day. Lol! “Lamak dah sik berdango kedak ya…. ” 😛

Next project? Project 2014 & Project Bunga Telur. Wiwiwiwi. (Love to challenge myself). If any of you interested for a decorating dowry service (Kuching & Samarahan area only), you can contact me here or email me : x)

Till then, bye for now.

Azura Chan. xoxo

Secret Project Revealed

Happy Monday!
So today I’m going to reveal the project that I’ve been secretly doing.
First of all, Happy Engagement to the couple a.k.a My Clients.
Yes, my project was making ‘hantaran’ (dowries decoration) for engagement.
It was challenging but I like it because I know this is where my passion belongs to. 😉
Unfortunately, couldn’t took photos one by one..
I manage to take a few of them.


This is for man dowry from the girl side.


And this is for the girl dowry from the man side. (Sorry for the bad angle).

Ok, now let’s close up a bit.


A dowry of Quran.


A dowry of ‘Sirih Junjung’.

Honestly, I was quite nervous of making a bouquet of ‘Sirih Junjung’. Had to borrow hands from my mother and Dear Dear. Yes, Dear Dear helped me a lot along the way to finish the project.


Magic hand. He also helps me to make the flower for the girl dowry more fluffy. Most of all, he supported me from the scratch. Thank love! :-*

One day, I am planning to make this project as my profession.