Fancy Breakfast

Hello AC readers. How are you today?
My weekend was full with outside activities. Will update about it later.


One morning, Amani was asking for honey stars cereal for breakfast. After I let her had it, I left her with the cereals and continued on making other breakfast for the rest. When I came back to her, I saw that her cereal was so fancy with colours. She had tossed some sprinkles in the bowl. Lol! She was enjoying her fancy breakfast.

Creative little girl. She had invented a new way of having cereals. ×D


Happy Posto (March.2014)

Ohaiyo gozaimasu mina san!!
How do you feel today?
I feel extremely happy this morning. I wonder why myself. muahaha.
The Happy song from Pharrell Williams keep on repeating in my head.


Perhaps it’s because of the Happy Posto that I received on yesterday. It’s from Mr. Arthur. What a pleasant surprise from him. Thank you thank you for the lovely clips. I bet you know that I am mad on fancy
stuff like this.


Here, how happy I am. I hope you are feeling happy as well today.
Bye for now!


Kitchen Utensils

I have another craziness. (As my mother once said “Gila ada macam-macam”).

I love collecting fancy kitchen utensils. I’m the one who thought that Martha Stewarts’s kitchen is boring… huhu. There’s one chef (forgot her name), who inspired me to have a fancy kitchen utensils.  Here’s mine..


Look how fancy they are. XD
By looking at the colourful utensils, it automatically motivates me to cook or bake. And I will turn on my happy mood in the kitchen. Lol!


Recently I bought this green saucepan. It’s my favourite saucepan so far. I hesitate to use other pans because this pans keeps attract my attention. Look, how colour can influence you… 😉

Baby Camera


Are you a camera freak?

Then you must  be fancying to own this keychain.

Introducing the Baby Camera Keychain.

I’m selling it at price RM18.

Available in three colours : PINK, PURPLE & ORANGE

Special function : A light flash and sound when you hit the button.

Do contact me if you are interested ay~

Fancy watch

Look at this. It’s my favourite watch given by Ayu.


Sudah putusss… It means I have to buy a new one. I feel naked if I don’t wear a watch.
Lately I’ve been browsing for fancy stuff. Including watches..


Lego… I prefer the left one.


Baby-G. The white one looks nicer to me. hik hik..


Ice.. I think I want to try warna FINK for this year. A challenge for myself. Wehehe.

All this while I just realised that I’m actually a watch freak. Lol.u