Smalls SAL March 2014

Helloo everybody…
How are you today?
It’s time for the Smalls SAL March 2014. Are you ready….


Tada! I made a blue felt ornament. This time, I chose beading materials. The final result wasn’t really satisfied me. It looks messy. I guessed it might be becausec of the blue thread. The colour is too striking, right. Hmmm….. However, the Princess loves it. She said “it’s the most gorgeous handbag I’ve ever seen!” Lol!!!

It suits to you, Princess…

As for the TUSAL 2014 challenge. I think I haven’t meet the target.


It really shows that I had not doing my stitching/sewing project so much. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Till then, peeps. Happy weekend!


Smalls SAL February 2014

I’m behind the deadline, again…
For Smalls SAL February 2014, I made this :


A pink rose ornament. As for this time, I stitched a small ribbon rosebud so it will add a 3D effect. I combined it with felt and cotton fabric.


Instead of one, I’m making two ornaments. Please ignore my bad and messy stitches. Need to improve it.

I’m planning to gather all the ornanents until December 2014 and hang it on a special tree. We’ll see…. ^_ร—

Bye for now.

Azura Chan. xoxo

Craft: Froggy

Remember the felt froggy I had posted months ago?


Haha. Some of you might recognised them. The yellow froggy belongs to Smallkucing, The green one belongs to Ina, Purple for Oster and Pink for Janet.

Many were asking me how did I punched the hole for the keychain ring.

Ok, let me share you how to make it.

First of all, you need to have these two tools.

eyelet punch

1. One Hole Punch

2. Eyelet punch (to make it tight)

Here’s the steps to do it.

tuto hole

(Direction to read the picture : Top to bottom, left to right)

1. Punch one hole on the selected area.

2. ย Take one eyelet.

3. Place it on the hole.

4. Make sure the eyelet punch in a correct position (as in the picture).

5. Punch and make sure it tight.

6. You’re done! ๐Ÿ˜€

** Request and order for this felt froggy are open. Contact me if interested. ๐Ÿ™‚

Warm Hearted

My dear niece – Yaya saw my craft collection that day.

And then she requested me to make one ‘heart’ for her.

I was so busy until I always forgot to make it.

Every day she will ask me whether I have complete the ‘heart’ or not. muhuhu….

Feeling guilty, I brought along my craft tool to the office and started making it (while nobody (my boss) caught me. hihihi).

Ta-daa! Finished the first phase.

felt heart1

Showed this to her, but she wanted me to add in more charms onto her ‘heart’.

OK… Just for you my dear. :-*

Now, Ta-da!! (second time)

heart felt2

And she finally loves this one.

She had hung it at her ipad cover.

Any request from you my lovely readers? ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bunny Project

Another craft project was done when I was taking care of Amani last week.

Felt bunny

  1. ย Found an unused Amani’s handkerchief. At first I decided to throw it away but changed my mind when I saw the cute pattern of the bunny. So I kept it until that day I had an idea to make over the bunny.ย 
  2. I cut out the bunny pattern and removed the background.
  3. Match it with pink felt, cut out the felt according to the bunny pattern. Make it a pair.
  4. Sew along the edges, attach some cute ribbon on top of it.

Pink bunny


The new version of bunny!

Mr. Neko

Taking off two weeks from work is just like having a semester break for me.

No time for boredom as I was taking care of two patients, remember?

DearDear once suggested to me to quit my job and stayed at home taking care of Amani.

Well, it’s like a ‘green light’ for me. Being a full time housewife and concentrate with my craft project/business, it is my dream job indeed.

I asked some opinions about this, some of them told me to think carefully… some of them just said “Go ahead!”

My mind is throbbing whenever DearDear asking for the answer.

What do you think then?

I need your opinion as well…

While spending my ‘semester break’ here’s what I’ve made.


Can you guess what is it?

While Amani took a nap, I was sneaking to stitch this felt ears.

The result:ย 

C360_2013-03-2809-31-20_org_zps333f41a3 (1)

Ta-da! Meet Mr. Neko

So what’s with those face Mr. Neko? ๐Ÿ˜€