Floral Friday – Garden Flowers

I know it’s Saturday, and I’m late for a Floral Friday post. 😏

The theme is ‘Garden Flowers’


My home doesn’t have a proper garden. Only a small backyard but no flowers are blooming this month. I longed for my hydrangeas to bloom, however they are not. Looks like we are having a rainy season now. The weather made me prefer to stay at home and doing some craft project instead of going outside.


These are flowers from in front of my home. Thanks to the red hibiscus for adding some colours to the little garden. There were Euphorbia (I googled for the name. 😜) too which has no specific season to bloom.

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That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy reading my post for today. Ciao! 😘

Floral Friday – All About Foliage

Hello lovelies…

I should have post this entry yesterday, but I was soo busy. So today’s post is for Floral Friday.


This is my first entry for Floral Friday. I am new to this FF blog hop and I hope you guys don’t mind with what I’m going to post. The topic for June’s Floral Friday is ‘all about foliage’


Well, I’m not sure what to post on foliage. So I went to the backyard of our house and start capturing the view under the Jackfruit tree.


There is also another tree that caught my attention. The Bitter gourd tree with the beautiful leaves. The leaf is similar to maple leaf right..


Talking about foliage, then I remembered on something about the foliage decorations. There are foliage bouquet, foliage centerpiece, foliage cards… etc. In Malay wedding tradition, the Betel leaf is very famous. It is called Sirih Junjung.


The Sirih Junjung was a part of wedding gift. This is the latest design from Rhenda. I’m using fake betel leaves for decoration.  I found that, decorating Sirih Junjung is very challenging. Have to master the skill one day.


Here’s another Sirih Junjung from my magic touch. Hehe. And this time I’m using real betel leaves.

So that’s it for now. See you in the next floral friday, next month!