Bitter Gourd


This ugly plant is called bitter gourd. In Malay they called it Peria Katak. My mom planted it at the back garden of our house.

Before this I hate eating bitter gourd. During my confinement, it was my only menu almost everyday. Muhuhu. After all, it doesn’t taste so bad.

My favourite dish of bitter gourd is fried one with curry powder. Crunchy! But too much eating this can trigger my migraine. I wonder why?

Kitchenette wishlist

By the end of this month (payday.. wuhuuu), I am going to buy this…

[picture : property of Google]

So that, I could bake this…

~Chicken pie~

Hohoho… yummy~ Since I’m now lack of method, I just browse around the recipe book and dreaming of this tart. wahaha….

There’s one person who always supported me when it comes to baking. (Since I’m no pro in baking).

Of course it’s DearDear lah. While browsing the recipes together, he came to this page…

And he said : “I like fruit tart… Would love to try this one…”

Knock knock.. it this some kind of a birthday hint?

So, the kitchen’s wish list must go on!

Besides that, I also want to buy this… (been dreaming of so looooooong)

[picture : property of Google]

A grill pan.

It’s very hard to be found in local supermarket, and it’s very expensive.

Luckily I saw it at Green Cold Sotrage here. It’s on promotion, and it cost below RM100 with another purchase of other items from the supermarket.

Another box is checked!

Tidbits Jelly

I love tidbits.
And this Jelly sweet is one of my favourite.


I only craving for sweet things whenever I am about to have my period. Hehe. So this jelly served me at the right moment.


I fancy the texture it. Looks fancy. I wish to create a door gift made from this jelly. Still thinking of the idea. Whose wedding next? Hire me. hehe…


My favourite star!
I remember a song from Perry Coumo, if I’m not mistaken.
It sounds like this “Catch a falling star and put in your pocket, save it for a rainy day…”

Dabai Labai Dabai

Ever heard a word Dabei?
Or Dabai?
It’s a type of exotic fruit, mostly can be found in Sibu. (My hometown).
My mom just came from Sibu and she brought this fruit. Oh my temptation…


Looks ugly isn’t it? Wait until you have taste it.
Lemak berkrim. Ahaha.
It’s already the beginning of Dabei Season. So don’t be surprised if you heard the price are still as high as RM30 per kg.
But it’s a worth buy.

I remember when I was still a kid, I would followed my grandmother to the wet market. During the Dabei Season you would hear they were shouting “Dabai dabai dabai!!!” until I heard them as in “Labai labai labai!!” 😛

Counting a second…

Yawn!!! Yess I’m still here stucked in the office. While others already have enjoy their holiday.


The office sounds so quiet. My body is sitting here, but my soul is straying everywhere but here. huhu.

By the way. Thanks for the greetings card! (Daydeq, Ain & Freda). Sorry for not replying your cards. Except for Ain, she got a special card from me. hehe.


Remember yesterday I’d posted on the Bunga Durian? After coming back from work I terus make this dish. I add in prawns. Yummeh!!

What a generous day

Today might be the last day of working before Hari Raya for some people. But not for me. muhuu… I have to save my leave for my cousin’s wedding at the end of this year.


Thanks to my colleagues for the Raya Goodies. Very thoughtful!

And the best goodies I received today :


Bunga durian (Durian Flower) fresh from the orchard. It was from my office colleague as well.

I bet not many people knows about this type of flower. It can be cook like ‘Sayur Midin’. Stir fried them with belacan (shrimp paste).  Add some young corn.. Fuuh… Daaap (as in Amani’s).

This is my iftar menu for today. 😉