If you go to The Tarot Cafe, I bet you can’t resist to have their beverages.

Take a quick look at what me and DearDear had for that day…


DearDear was having the Dragon Fruit Juice (RM6.90) (very kaw-kaw) and I chose the ‘mint green’ drink which I forgot the name of this drink. ahaha… It taste like Vanilla + Honeydew with sago and cream topping. Huh.. what an explanation. hehe… It cost RM7.90

Simply irresistible!


Recently I always had limited time to prepare a proper food.

Amani now is becoming so ‘manja’. She would prefer to be carried by me.

If I put her down, she would climbed to the chair, the stairs and even into a big pail…. huhu.

Everyday is a jogathon for me. muahaha.

Therefore, I had to prepare only ‘masakan malas’, as my mother always name it. hehe.


This is one of them : Sup Malas.

Just boil the ‘varieties’ from instant steamboat packet, add in some brocollies and carrots, egg, corn flour and salt to taste.

Tedengg… ‘Lazy Soup’ is ready to be served…. 😉

Healthy or not I don’t know.

Just ‘bedal’ when we’re in critical time. ahahaha.

Iftar on Ramadhan

Thought of creating a 30 Day Iftar Challenge but I guess I’d failed from the first Ramadhan. huhu.

Since I could only start fasting on the 4th Ramadhan, so here I’m sharing what was for my iftar that day.

Food is my temptation
Iftar on 4th Ramadhan


Potato Twist with Cheezy Flavour
RM2 each @ Baazar Ramadhan, Stutong.

Iftar on 5th Ramadhan


Lipatan Ayam (Chicken Foldover McD)
Supposed to be buy 1 and get 1 free with a coupon. Unfortunately, my brother gave me a brilliant idea to buy at the McD airport outlet… which is none of the promotion is valid.  Hmph…
So there goes the normal price RM10.10

Treat me – food temptation

I should have post this entry last week. Due to a limited time, I have to postponed it.

Last week, I had managed to finish my last day of fasting debt. I have been fasting for 36 days since the last four months. Alhamdulillah. Now I am ready to welcome the Ramadhan.

So last Friday, I treat myself with Fried Kolo Mee.


This is the best Fried Kolo Mee. You can find the stall at The Food Gallery, Tun Jugah. Cost only RM3.50 and look at the portion! Yummeh…