The new winner for…

Hello lovelies..
I’m sorry for being quiet these past few days. I missed you already. 🙂
I’ve been so busy with so many deadlines and I will update about it later.

But for now, I am going to make another draw for The Happy Spring Blog Hop giveaway.


I’m sorry to the recent winner, I have tried to contact you and email you. It seems that I can’t reach her. So now, let’s have our new winner. Are you ready??


The lucky name from the bicycle is… Knittingwithheart Congratulations! Please contact me ( so that I can mail to you the gift.

Once again, thanks for those who participate in the giveaway.

Much love


The winner is…

Hello everyone!
I am here to announce the winner for the Happy Spring Blog Hop giveaway. Sorry that I am one day delayed. Yesterday was so chaotic. 😦

Now, let’s move on to the main reason here.


Before that, I want to thank to all the participants in this giveaway. I only selected 11 names, which were really answered my question (What is your favourite spring flower?) So I wrote down the names…


Call me an old school person, I don’t mind. I still like the traditional way to make a draw. Haha! Here’s my lovely bicycle that would take your names. And I took the lucky name out of the basket…

And the winner is…..


Lyn Kaufmann“!!! Congratulations and please contact me asap. Thank you for those who taking part as well. Till we meet again, next time. Xoxo


p/s: If within one week the winner didn’t collect the prize, I’ll make another draw.

DIY Photo Frame

Hello my lovely readers and crafters…
Today I’m going to share with you one simple project to deco a photo frame.


Here, I have a photo frame. And it looks bored. Yawn~


All you need is some rosebud ribbons, ribbon and glue. Start decorate as you like and…. Voila! Now, it has transforms into 3D Roses photo frame.

If you’re lucky, you could win this photo frame from my giveaway. Don’t forget to participate in the giveaway. The closing date is on 29th May, 2014. Hurry up!


Birthday Giveaway : The Winner

Hello friends and readers….


Yes, today is the day I’m going to announce the winner for my Birthday Giveaway! Are you ready?


I’m drawing it manually. More intriguing.. hehe. Well, to enter the giveaway I have given 5 simple tasks to do. Among all who participates, only three were selected because they had match the criterias. I had to being fair for their effort here. Thanks to Hannah, Linda and Libby.

Those three names I have put into the jar. And then I shake the jar…. and tossed down the names. The first name came out from the jar….


It’s Hannah Ackroyd!!! The winner of my Birthday Giveaway is Hannah Ackroyd! Congratulations!

Thank you to all of you who have been participate and supporting my blogs. I really appreciate it. Thank you a zillion!!

Till then… much love from me. 😉

Azura Chan. xoxo

Hello February!!


February is my most favourite month. It’s the month of love and happiness. It’s not so in the beginning of the year, not also in the middle of the month and lastly it’s absolutely not in the end of the year. It’s just so perfect to stay as February.

One thing I love about February is that my wedding anniversary is on the February 12th. For this year, we’ll celebrating our fourth anniversary. My mind already has so many plan for us. ^_~


And of course why do I love February is because, my birthday is on the February 15th. Need I say more? Hehe.


I have so many plans to do within this month. Saw this challenge from Pinterest and I think I’m going to join this. But I’ll be taking this challenge via my Instagram. =)


I had agreed with my blog friend Linda, to swap birthday gift. For those who was born in February, I welcome you outhere to join me in this game. It will be fun! ^^, There will be no rules, simply swap gift and I’ll post about it in my blog. Anyone interested can email me for address :


Last but not least, don’t forget my Birthday Giveaway! I’m giving you a Jar of Love. Ok, I’ll you a hint on what’s inside the jar. My birthday is on the 15th… I might exposed or make a sneak peek post about the gift, everyday until Day 15. Get the hint? There’ll be more than one gift!!! Hurry up guys, start joining my giveaway before it ends.


I hope February will bring us more happiness and love. Till then, xoxo.

Azura Chan. ^_×

Birthday Giveaway!

Hello friends and readers!

I’m very pleased to announce a Giveaway today.

To say a huge thank you to all of you who support my blog,  I’ve decided to offer a JAR OF LOVE to you.


Most of you love surprises, so I won’t reveal what’s inside the jar.

There’s another! Yeah, my friend Ain will contribute to give a special gift for the giveaway as well. So, you’ll receive two gifts!!

ain giveaway

Look at what she offered for the winner!

The Giveaway is open as of now – and it will remain open until February, the month of love… to give everyone a chance to enter.  I will do the draw on the 15th February 2014, which is my birthday! Yeay~

I will announce the winner here.

To participate, you need to do some tasks as below:

  1. You have to be a follower to my blog (simply click the follow button on the top menus for wordpress users or click the Follow button on the left side bars under ‘Follow Blog via Email’).
  2. You also have to be a follower to my friend’s blog  Ain.
  3. Like this post.
  4. Share or reblog this post or blog about this giveaway with a link back to my blog
  5. Once you done with the simple tasks, leave your comment here.

This giveaway is open for local and international readers.

Good luck to all of you who take part, and thank you once again for your amazing support.


Love in a jar-Giveaway

Hello lovely friends and new readers.
I’m one month ahead to celebrate my birthday.
Yeah, it’ll fall on February, the month of love.
So I’m being generous here… that I’ll be hosting a giveaway.
I’ll create a special post about it but for now, please take a look at the gift for the special winner.


LOVE in a jar Giveaway gift. I’m giving you my decorated jar! It’s not an empty jar… there’s something inside the jar. My Love for you. =)

It will open for local and international readers who wants to join. Told you, I’m being very generous… hehe.

Would you like to know what’s inside the jar? Or would you rather let it be a surprise? You decide. 😉

Kindly, please leave your comment below. Thank you so much!

Azura.Chan xoxo

Gift and happy posto

This week has been my happy posto week.
I received a lot of visiting from Mr. Postman.
Apart from the goods from my ‘online shopping’ activity, I received a giveaway gift and drugsss….


Last month I had entered a giveaway contest organised by Rose. I did not expect that I won, indeed. Anyway, thank you so much for the gifts. They are useful to me. The bag is useful when doing shopping on Saturday (most shop didn’t provide plastic bag on that day), I love lavender scented sachet… will hang it in my closet and last but not least the 2014 diary! Macam tau-tau that I’m looking for a small diary. Hehe… Thanks again Rose! =)

Another happy posto I received yesterday was this…

I’ve been expecting this parcel actually. It was from Kathy. Well, if you mention her name… one thing you must relate to her is these…

Eheee…. more drugs for me. Yeay!! I’m sugar rush now. Lol! Thanks again Kathy for your times on searching those book for me. 😀

I’m sure you like to receive mail, right.

Till then, bye bye…


Giveaway Gift + Xmas Goodies & A Surprise for my blog readers

Hi ya…

Yesterday I was so happy to receive the giveaway gift which was hosted by *Wisher*

What do I got? Ta-da!

xmas goodies

I’d won a a hand-made Christmassy pin cushion, made by Wisher. It’s very cute!!

Plus, she also send me another extra goodies!

Surely, it will enlighten my mood to sew after this. 😀

Thanks again dear, for a lovely gift and for hosting the giveaway.

I think I’m going to send some goodies to my blog readers.

It’s one way to thanks and appreciate for all of your time spent here, reading my ‘babbling’ blog. hihihi…

So, anyone who comments on this entry today will receive a surprise goodies from me!

Till then, ciao!

Azura Chan. xoxo

Giveaway. Yeay!

Kak Maya nak bagi giveaway! Yeay…

It took me a while to participate for this giveaway, because I am really really poor in making a slogan.

Normally, I wouldn’t take part in any contest if they need a slogan. But for Kak Maya, I’ll do my best. ahaha.

First of first, this entry is open to everyone. Please visit this blog to participate :

There are many present to choose.

Of all the selections, I’ll choose Kapsul Habatussauda

“Jika saya dipilih sebagai pemenang kategori pertama, saya memilih Kapsul Habatussauda kerana di antara tujuh ciri-ciri nilai pemakanan habatussauda ialah ia anti-radang (anti-inflammation). Dah lama carik penawar sakit athritis saya, kalau kapsul ni berkesan bolehlah saya jadi regular cutomer akak nanti...” 

Don’t forget to participate folks!!

Boleh jenguk-jenguk kalau nak beli produk…

p/s (1) : Slogan macam ape tah… Confirm tak layak. ahahaha…

p/s (2) : Actually nak aim giveaway jubah. (Kak Maya, takde hadiah saguhati ke? hehehe)