First envies

Hola AC readers!
Remember that I promised you that I’ll update on the #yourcitymailproject? Yeah, I’m keeping my word.


So I have received the first envies from my partner, yesterday. I was so excited to have it. It was so much fun reading the facts and ‘tour’ araound Forestburg. I can picture the very peaceful city. Although my partner mentioned it is just a small city, but I find it is still an interesting place to visit. I would prefer living in a quiet town rather than facing a hectic city lifestyle indeed. This place reminds me of some places here like Mukah, Sarikei, Sri Aman….

I’m hoping my parcel has reached you Megan. I have prepared some stuff to include in the second envies. Yeay!!

Happy weekend everyone!


Happy Posto April 2014

Hello friends…
Yesterday I was surprised to see there was a letter for me.


Saw the stamp was within Sarawak and I couldn’t see where it was from. I was wondering who could the sender be. No sender name at the back of the envelope either.

So I just open the envelope. Guess what. No letter! Ditto…


There were candies and a keychain. Who could be the sweet and generous angel sending me the gifts? When I saw the keychain, I knew it was from who. It was from someone sweet who just came back from a vacation to Bangkok. hehe. Thank you so much Rose! You know that I loved collecting keychains. 🙂

Off for now…


Happy Posto (March.2014)

Ohaiyo gozaimasu mina san!!
How do you feel today?
I feel extremely happy this morning. I wonder why myself. muahaha.
The Happy song from Pharrell Williams keep on repeating in my head.


Perhaps it’s because of the Happy Posto that I received on yesterday. It’s from Mr. Arthur. What a pleasant surprise from him. Thank you thank you for the lovely clips. I bet you know that I am mad on fancy
stuff like this.


Here, how happy I am. I hope you are feeling happy as well today.
Bye for now!


Happy Posto Jan.2014

Hello there…

Received a mail from Singapore, last week. It was from Angela. Let’s see what’s inside the mail.

How sweet… Thank you my friend, for a thoughtful new year gifts. =)

This postcard really captured my heart. I never expect that she’ll keep it for me. It was my stitch work for Popin project. (spot the one with a heart sticker, that’s mine.) Thank you thank youuu so much!