January II 2013 Drug

Can you manage reading two books at a time?

Well, I can. Provided the other one is an e-book.

I could flipped over the real books when I have free time.

And swiped over the e-book when I have limited time. (i.e when I’m putting Amani into sleep, when I curi2 tulang at my work. hahaha)

So here goes my second drug for this month.


Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

I don’t understand myself why I chose this book to read.

After reading the Norwegian Wood by the same author, I found that his book was very ‘unique’ in a way of writing.

As for this book, so far I found that there’s a cat who can talks!?

Anyway, it’s a worth reading reading…

Happy weekend!

Day 2 : Least Favourite Book


Day 2: Least Favourite Book
Title: Norwegian Wood
Author: Haruki Murakami

This is the first Murakami book I read. Before this I only passed them at the bookshelf. I had to gamble to buy and read it.

The plot is easy indeed. But the way he expressed the story is more complicated. So I might say this is my least favourite book.

If anyone asked me how was the book? I’ll answer “Cerita pakey orang sakit mental…” Ahaha..

Challenge me to read another Murakami? I bet not for this time. Hehe.