Hello Kitty + Kerokerokeroppi

Moshi Moshi minna san! 🙋


So everyone in my house were fed-up with me bragging here and there about this HK+Keroppi. Lol! From the moment I saw the ads from McDonald, I started to aim that I am going to get that Hello Kitty + Kerokerokeroppi! Definitely a must have Keroppi’s collection. Haha.


Te-deng!! Thank you so much to DearDear for your concerned towards his wifey’s crazziness. Lol! 😆😆 He brought us to McD outlet on the first day the HK+Keroppi released. Very touching. 😂 And when we got home, I saw another box of the collectibles on the table. Amani grab it for instance and said it was hers. Thanks to my brother for buying the second one for me. What a thoughtful brother. Hehe.

There you go. Mamani have each of the Hello Kitty + Kerokerokeroppi for their own collection. 😝

Mini Sanrio

Hello friends and readers…
I’ve finished the dowry decorations yesterday. I hope the customer is satisfied with my design. I will upload the photos after the engagement day, don’t want to reveal it first. hehe.


The Sanrio Family! Found these mini Sanrio Family and it remind me of Amani. Thought of buying two sets, another set is for Yaya. But this is the last stock. Huu.. It is made of rubber, looks like eraser to me.


She was so excited to get these. I bet every kid love cats.


As usual, she insists to take picture of the cat. The pictures above are the picture that she took by herself. She also snap on Abah’s picture.


And Abah took a picture of her. Mama enjoyed her meal. Hehe.

p/s: Another deadline for tomorrow. :-[

Black Cat

Among four of the Hello Kitty’s collection, this is Amani’s most favourite.


The black Hello Kitty. I never thought she would adore the black cat. Shouldn’t children loves fancy colour? I guessed we’ve swap then. Ahaha.

Everytime she saw the black cat, she would insist to take picture of that cat. “Ambik gambar lok!” And then, she must look at the picture… satisfied or not. If she said “Cuuteee”, meaning she satisfied.
‘Tuaija…’ muhuhu.

Enjoy your weekend!