Temptation #18: Famous Amous Cookies

Since the beginning of puasa I already heard people talking about their cravings. It’s normal for us because we will be fasting for a month, the temptation to crave for nice food is always haunting our mind. Lol!

However, it is weird for me because I didn’t have any craving for about one week of fasting. If you know me well, then you would find it’s weird. haha.

Not until yesterday, I am craving for Famous Amous Cookies. I siap imagine the crunchy nuts in the cookies. Oh… Kebetulan my friend Tikah said she wanted to go to the airport. So I pesan her to buy one packet for me. hihi


So this is what I had for iftar ramadhan 8/1434H yesterday. So indulging. muahaha… Thanks Tikah!!

Iftar Ramadhan 6&7/1434H

Been so busy lately. Nak update blog pun agak lambat… Always feeling left behind. muhu..

Our menus for Iftar the 6th Ramadhan


Simple. Sarawak Laksa and Sardine Sandwich. Those menus were requested by my youngest brother Edos. Orang baruk balit dari Melaya tek… Look at Amani, she is now knows how to recite Doa Makan.

There is another menu requested by my brother. Spaghetti… So we made it as our iftar menu on the 7th day of Ramadhan.


Plus another side dish was the fried veggie popiahs (my father’s favourite) and for the dessert, we picked our own Kuini from the Kuini’s tree in front of our house. It taste so sweet.

I’m so proud that so far we still can keep our menus as simple as possible. The best part is, everything is home made… 😉

Iftar Ramadhan 5/1434H

Today is the 7th day of Ramadhan. How time flies…
On the 5th day of Ramadhan, DearDear decided to have iftar outside. He chose Manhattan Fish Market. Easy to bring Amani when the weather that day was heavy rain.


Since we arrived early, we booked the table first. And then we went browsing around the Spring. Bought a slipper for Amani and came back later at the place. Luckily we had booked earlier, the place was almost full house. While waiting for the menu to be served, DearDear took our picture. Yeah, as you can see… Mama was over excited while Amani  had her bad mood that day. I guess because she was hungry or sleepy.


Here what we catched at the fish market. Mushroom soup for Amani, Black Coffee for DearDear and the meals in a pot (I don’t remember the name) of course for me.

As usual… We left the place with a full and heavy belly.Alhamdulillah…