Iftar Ramadhan 2/1434H


Yesterday’s iftar, we were having Kerabu Seaweed (my mom made it like umai), Dhal Cha, Prawn Fritter and ‘Buntut Ayam Panggang’ (I didn’t eat those thing. 😦 ).

Luckily I still didn’t have the ‘perasaan ketam’ so far. Not yet, perhaps. lol.

Iftar Ramadhan 1/1434H

What are you having for iftar yesterday?
At first I decided to go to the Ramadhan Baazar, but DearDear told me the place was jammed and packed with full of people. Muhuhu.
Never mind, still have plenty of times. So we just having homemade iftar.


We had popiahs, Fried Eggs and Sayur Lemak Pucuk Bandung. Not forgetting an extra Ice-Cream for Amani. 😉

It is true that home made cook is much more delicious than outside food.

What a generous day

Today might be the last day of working before Hari Raya for some people. But not for me. muhuu… I have to save my leave for my cousin’s wedding at the end of this year.


Thanks to my colleagues for the Raya Goodies. Very thoughtful!

And the best goodies I received today :


Bunga durian (Durian Flower) fresh from the orchard. It was from my office colleague as well.

I bet not many people knows about this type of flower. It can be cook like ‘Sayur Midin’. Stir fried them with belacan (shrimp paste).  Add some young corn.. Fuuh… Daaap (as in Amani’s).

This is my iftar menu for today. 😉