Me Before You (Movie)


Hiya lovelies!

If you still remember I have blogged about Me Before You novel that I reviewed on last year. I was reading it from ibook application. I have told you how much I love the book and hoping  that it would turn into a movie someday.  When I heard that they are going to make a movie adaptation from the book, I was so excited and counting days to watch the movie. 

Fnally, on the second day of the movie premier, I watched it. Indeed I supposed to have a movie date with my sister that day. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it so I watched with DearDear and Amani. I was so thrilled! Eventhough it was a love story.ehehehe. 

90% of the plot in the movie were based on the novel. That’s what we want! Unlike other movie adaptation, they tend to make plot twist and changed the original story. I could say this is the best movie adaptation from the novel so far. 

If you haven’t watch this movie, I recommend you to watch it. It was just so lovely as the book. And don’t forget to bring tissue or handkerchief yeah. 😂 I think I want to watch it again and again and again…. bahaha.