Teething – Weird situation


Is bleeding gums normal during teething?  I mean for toddler.
Have you had any experience with jutting out gums?
Sound scary huh?

But that is what happened to Amani few days ago.
That night, she was eating snack and then she told me something was stucked on her teeth. As usual, I would helped her to get rid of the food but that night I couldn’t get rid of it. So I took her toothbrush and started to scrap scrap her teeth. Then I realised there was blood on the toothbrush.

I thought it might because I brushed her teeth too hard. I started to worry. She looks uncomfortable with the ‘thing’ in her mouth so she put her finger inside. I was so geram so I scolded her not to put fingers in her mouth. And then she started to cry. At that time when I saw her, her mouth was covered with blood. I started to panic.

I made her lay down and grab a torchlight. Getting worse! I found that her gums was jutting out!!!! I’m a panic person, I couldn’t think properply. I cried too. 😥

DearDear was the opposite. He’s too cool to handle something like this. I hate a cool person, when it comes to situation like this.
DearDear only responsed “It’s normal, she’s just like me when I was a kid. The gums will slowly turn back into its position.”
I was like.. “Nooo! It’s not normal, can’t you see it??”
(OK. I’m the worst person to handle emergency cases. I admit. Lol.)

“Bring her to the clinic!” I said.
So off we went to the clinic. The doctor looked into her mouth and his face was surprised. “OMG, what’s this?” he said.
He advised us to bring her to the dental clinic.
Not my lucky day I guessed. My flu was getting worst that night and I had a mild fever.

The next morning, we went to Dr. Liew Dental Clinic.
It was a long queued. Had to wait nearly two hours. Luckily, Amani acted so normal that day. She didn’t bothered to put her fingers inside her mouth. I bet it wasn’t painful.

So when it was her turn, I told the dentist about the situation that night. The dentist looked inside her mouth and he said “Nothing strange inside. Just teething.” I wasn’t satisfied, I told him her gums is bleeding and jutting out. He said it’s normal.But it’s bleeding, I told him. He said it’s normal too, maybe she felt itchy so she tends to put her finger inside. Oh no. Not another cool person I had to face. huhu.

Weird! That was I thought, until today. Yesterday I looked into her mouth and miracle-ly found that the jutting out gums had turn back into its position. No wonder the dentist said it was normal.

Weird weird weird!  Parents outhere, please share with me if you ever encounter a situation like this? Is it normal? Thanks in advance for the infos and advices.