Mamani Craft

Hello everyone!
It’s weekend again..
I was just in the middle of the process of spring clean the mess I’d done to my brother’s room (The room is empty at the moment, since he’s studying at Peninsular right now). I used his room as my working space. Precisely… Craft Working Space. Which means, all the messy messy things like papers, ribbons, beads were here and there after the project. hehe.

To Edos, yes yes… I’m going to clean the mess. Don’t worry. 😛

Later that I found this.

The first craft from Amani. A two years old craft. Ahaha. It made me smile when looking at it.

I remember that night, I was in the last minute ‘touch up’ process for the dowries… I had to brought her along into my ‘office’. Of course she was excited to see so many fancy things in that room. I just let her played with my craft tools. Luckily she didn’t tried to ‘taste’ those things. Phew~


This is the thing she found that night. My favourite and limited and expensive Jewels adhesive stickers. T.T  So sedih… I was very careful and a little bit ‘stingy’ to use those stickers. Coz’ it’s hard to find in Malaysia. Wuwuwuwu…

I guessed, she’s observing me while I’m crafting and then she applied the skills. The craft skills. Hopefully we can make a great craft team. Mamani Craft! x)

Till then readers, ciao!

Azura Chan. xoxo