Vintage Dowry Decoration

I’ve uploaded a teaser for my dowry decorations in my instagram account.


Okay, today I’m going to reveal the whole designs.


The ring bearer…. I’ve combined lace and pearl beads for this design. Took a while to sew the beads, yup… I sew it. I don’t prefer to use glue because it might ruin the fabric.


Another one is the fruit bowl. If you recognised this design was used in my previous project. I only changed the ribbon around the bowl and make wreath of vintage flowers.

What do you think of my designs? I’m quite satisfied with my own achievement. Thank you for your comment guys. =)

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Till then, ciao!

Azura Chan. xoxo

Craft: Another Lacey Project

Well this is not another backdated story. This is the fresh one.
Yup, just finish sewing the black lace on a silver baju kurung.
This time it was requested by Tikah.
I like black lace. It looks sexy. x)


Actually I promised sewed it together with mine before raya. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I was attacked by the migraine wave. (Remember..?)

Glad that I could finished it after sahur. Now Tikah can wear it for the dinner this coming Friday. ๐Ÿ˜€

Craft: Sewing Lace

Another backdated story. Hopefully still not basi.. huhu.
Previously I had posted on the sample picture of our baju kurung for ‘baju contoh‘, to be given to the tailor.
Well here’s the outcome.


Quite dissapointed with the result. Can you see the waistline?
And it was too fit at her arms. My mom altered the arms’ area.
I bought blue lace to patch on the waistline.
Managed to finish sewed it the day before raya. (Including my own baju)
Here’s the picture:


Nice isn’t it? Hehe. Now I have one baju to sew the lace on it. Requested by my friend. It’s my passion… my favourite things to do. Hehe.

Pretty in lace

Ever think of how to recycle used glass bottles/jars?

empty bottles

My dad is now on treatment after the surgery, so he drinks “Pati Ikan Haruan” everyday.

Found that the glass bottle are nice. Sayang kalau buang (my baaad habit!).

In the end, empty bottles were collected by me.

First thing to do is to wash the bottles until clean and smell free.

Rinse and start to decorate them.

Lace tape

Found this ‘adhesive lace tape’ at Popular Bookstore. Oh, I’m so in love with laces… ๐Ÿ™‚

Stick the tape around the bottle.

Ta-da!!!ย Simple as that!

Lace bottles

The bottles are pretty in lace now.

No need to buy the decorative bottle/jar anymore lah… If you want to buy from me, I don’t mind. hehe…

I don’t simply decorate them and place them on the shelf, as empty like that…

Here what I’m using it for.

Candy in bottles

They’re for my craft storage!

Feel free to share with me how do you recycle the glass bottles/jars….