Another farewell

Yes another goodbye from my colleague : Ama

Things I’m going to miss Akma

  1. Every morning, a message would pop up on my scrren : “Oyemami…”
  2. Some stupid mispronounced words : “Ayam Giring” “Johot” “Aron Azin” “Ayaman”
  3. Perasaan Ketam : Temptation on food
  4. Crazy imagination which would lead to a hard laugh : Ama as JLo, Me as Kelly Clarkson
  5. We love Pitbull
  6. Sharing problems
  7. Listening her fantasying about her loyal boyfriend(s) : Marc Anthony, Maher Zain, Pitbull.. quite recently JLo’s Beau. ahaha
  8. Talking about our ‘school project’ : Cartoons, Drawing, Fancy Things
  9. Chased by dogs (Always! Most unforgettable was on the staircase. Wahahaha)

Most of all, I’m going to miss her! (and already I am… T.T)