Fine Motor Skills

Hello readers.
How was your holiday? Hopefully it was merrier and joyful.

I had started to introduce block game and legos to Amani since she was one year (plus) old. At that time, she was very clumsy at handling those blocks. From what I’d experienced, children learns from observation. She learned it from us. We used to build something from the legos and then showed to her.


Now, she manages to build on her own without any help from us. From a simple block she made to a very complicated (at her age) block. I was surprised when I saw that one day she build a ship! Just like a wood ship replica of DearDear’s.

This is one of the fine motor skills development in children. Another skill she had learned from me was ‘melipat baju’. Lol!


“Here’s my Lego Ship, mama.”
I am impressed! Well done my girl! Next time mama will buy you a girly legos, saw once sell at the Toys R Us that day. hihi.

p/s: Mama suka buang duit. hihihi. 😛


I know she is really into Princess thing.
After finished watching dvd, she moves to watch youtube on tab.


Currently, The Sofia the First series is very popular now. I bet she likes anything with Princess. Ain’t we’re all like that before? hehe.

Before going to sleep, she insisted to watch Princess Sofia. Again and again and again….. she watched it until the tab is running out of battery. Macam-macam style ada. Sigh~

Mamani Craft

Hello everyone!
It’s weekend again..
I was just in the middle of the process of spring clean the mess I’d done to my brother’s room (The room is empty at the moment, since he’s studying at Peninsular right now). I used his room as my working space. Precisely… Craft Working Space. Which means, all the messy messy things like papers, ribbons, beads were here and there after the project. hehe.

To Edos, yes yes… I’m going to clean the mess. Don’t worry. 😛

Later that I found this.

The first craft from Amani. A two years old craft. Ahaha. It made me smile when looking at it.

I remember that night, I was in the last minute ‘touch up’ process for the dowries… I had to brought her along into my ‘office’. Of course she was excited to see so many fancy things in that room. I just let her played with my craft tools. Luckily she didn’t tried to ‘taste’ those things. Phew~


This is the thing she found that night. My favourite and limited and expensive Jewels adhesive stickers. T.T  So sedih… I was very careful and a little bit ‘stingy’ to use those stickers. Coz’ it’s hard to find in Malaysia. Wuwuwuwu…

I guessed, she’s observing me while I’m crafting and then she applied the skills. The craft skills. Hopefully we can make a great craft team. Mamani Craft! x)

Till then readers, ciao!

Azura Chan. xoxo

My weekend in pictures

I love weekend. Especially spending the quality times with DearDear and Amani.


Amani on a baby chair. She would behave herself for only about 5 minutes. And then she would climbed out of the chair..


Above – Took out the toothbrush I bought for her, and let her play with it.

Below – Mama surrendered. DearDear take over to carry her. Guess it’s not working either.


In the end I let her hold a small piece of pizza by herself. Managed to take pictures while she was enjoying the pizza.

Miss Vogue

Yesterday DearDear came home and brought a pack of Drypantz for Amani. He was so excited, which made me wondered “Pahal meli pampers pun excited?”

And then I knew why. It comes with free gift of baby sunglasses.


He was so excited showing the sunglasses to Amani.
And then we try to put it on Amani.


Vogue enough? Hehe..


Miss Amani wants to go outing!

This is why I love Drypers brand. Hehe.

11 Months

My baby Amani is 11 months this month. Next month she’s going to be one year. How time flies…


What do you think she’s capable of now? Apart from having the two front teeths, she is now fast to learn our behaviour.

For example, she knows how to make a boring expression. And she likes to tease people especially while we are talking. huhu..


That’s my baby Amani. Approaching to one on October 12 next month. I’m still wondering what’s best for her birthday present.

Besides that, DearDear birthday is on October 5. Another Gundam for this year? Hmm…

Resaksa Mengganas

This is what happened when Amani mengganas… muhuhu.

Terlalai sedikit, and Zapp!

Me and DearDear just saw each other face and sighed.

She really reminds me of my brother Zeed.

Everytime during meals, there was always a drama.

Spilled the water, non-stop touching stuff, lying on the floor when he can’t get what he wanted.

We would stayed in silent listening to my mom babbled on him and sometimes she would pinched him.


What would you do when your kid runs wild?

I have no answer. But when I was in the situation, I just sighed…..

Perasaan ketam Amani

Yesterday I noticed two front teeth on Amani’s upper gum.

No wonder she had fever and diarrhea. She even lost her appetite. Two days, she had rejected her meal. Been trying to feed her rice porridge and mashed potato. She just locked her mouth. It made me worried.

So I made some homework. Figured out that finger food is the solution.


For breakfast, I tried giving her muffin. While playing around with the muffin, she is slowly eating it. Looks like she enjoyed it.


And then I tried a new recipe for her lunch. This is called “Pasta Porridge”. Ahaha…

I’m using Organic Children Pasta (Can buy from Cosway), the gravy is made of mushroom soup and I add in some dori fillet.

First, I introduced the fillet for her. While she hold and munch the fillet, I chip in feeding her the porridge in between.

Nom nom nom. Surprisingly, Amani finish her meal! Mama is relieved now, but everytime had to figure out new recipe for Amani lah…

Amani’s next temptation is….