Little Amoi


That day, as usual DearDear and Amani would fetched me from work… and they would spent time waiting in the car. As I entered the car, I saw Amani was holding the paper plane.

So I asked her where did she get the plane. She told me her teacher made it for her. What makes it so funny was her nickname in school was written on the plane. Yes, her teachers and friends call her “Amoi” I remember the first day I sent her to school, the teacher told me she looks like “Amoi”. So the name was stick to her until now. Lol.


I bet she’ll carry the name until she grows up. At home, we also used to call her Amoi. She’s okay with the name so far and didn’t get confused when we call her own name. She understands that she have two names. 😀

It also reminds me of Yaya, my niece. She loves to be call as “Kakak” when she was Amani’s age. Kids are funny… lol.