Amani and her new pet

Hello everyone!

How much Upin & Ipin’s has influenced my daughter? They are her inspiration. I guessed every kids who watched Upin & Ipin really wanted their life so much like the twins.

Recently, after watching the series “Kail dan Laga”, she wanted a fish. Ikan laga (fighting fish), precisely! Lol! So we went to the pet shop. Let herself choose the fish. She told me she wanted to have a pink fish. Sigh~


Hi there little fella! she chosed the fish herself. Looks like she was fascinated with the beautiful fish. However, whenever the fish look at her, she’ll scream! Lol!


Look what I’ve found at the pet shop. The ‘I Love U’ fish!!! Aren’t they are so unique? I was amazed to see the fish. It lips looks like it wore lipstick! And the body, look carefully… The heart shape! And some of it has ‘I Love U’ printed on its body. Amazing, right?

Kore neko no tango – Amani Chan

Hello peeps.

How have you been?

Remember that I was looking for a pet for Amani? Coincidently we have a new kitten at home. So Amani had automatically adopted the kitten as her new pet.


She really loves the kitten. Can’t really put it down. She named it Ah Boy. Lol!


Last weekend we had attended DearDear’s friend ‘Akikah’ ceremony. As we entered the house, Amani suddenly throws a tantrum. Sigh~ I had to bring her back to my father in law’s home and borrowed a kitten from a neighbour’s house.


Only the kitten can calmed her. That’s her pets : A dolly (Princess Anna), little teddy bear and a kitten. 😸

Boboi the cat


Meet Boboi, the youngest cat in my ‘cat family’.
He’s the only third generation that survived. If you knew my first cat, the late Shemisz… this is her grandson. I miss Shemisz. 😦

This morning, Boboi discovered a new technique to climb in a flower pot. Unfortunately, he forgot the technique how to climb off the pot. Sigh~ Luckily he’s small, I just grab his collar and put him down. muhuhu…