One foggy morning

One morning, I woke up and saw from outside my bedroom window…

It was one foggy morning.



I love seeing a view like this, especially in the morning.

Now turn right… I saw this..


Well I did a little touch up for the pic.

It’s my favourite pic so far. 🙂


June Birthday

Once again, we celebrate the June Birthday in our family.


This year, add one member : Danish, my nephew. 4 months older than Amani.

Celebrating his 1 year old birthday.


Here another member, Adam Boboi Boy… hehehe

Celebrating his 4 years old birthday.


Ooops.. Yaya, you’re November Birthday’s member.


Altogether : Bapak, Mak, Adam & Danish (Babah Danish had to hold him)


I must say I adored the birthday cake.  Specially ordered from Mita Cake House.