One foggy morning

One morning, I woke up and saw from outside my bedroom window…

It was one foggy morning.



I love seeing a view like this, especially in the morning.

Now turn right… I saw this..


Well I did a little touch up for the pic.

It’s my favourite pic so far. ๐Ÿ™‚


Cousin’s Wedding

Yesterday, attended my cousin’s wedding reception.

How time flies. Dah kahwin dah Dewi. ย Still remember when we were still young, main kejar-kejar at our grandmother’s house.

Hehe… Bila tengok cousins yang dulu kecik-kecik dah kahwin, I feel old. muhuhu

Let me shower you with some of the pictures taken yesterday. (DearDear didn’t bring along Baby Nikon, so we use only hp camera)

This picture below ย was taken from my aunty’s hp. Credit to her. Tak sempat nak ambik gmbr pengantin…

Dewi & Adha


Look at her, a stunning bride! =D



Bersanding baru…. hahaha


Amani just woke up from nap. hehe

Potong cake

Next wedding? 2 months to go… another cousin’s wedding. hehe

Counting a second…

Yawn!!! Yess I’m still here stucked in the office. While others already have enjoy their holiday.


The office sounds so quiet. My body is sitting here, but my soul is straying everywhere but here. huhu.

By the way. Thanks for the greetings card! (Daydeq, Ain & Freda). Sorry for not replying your cards. Except for Ain, she got a special card from me. hehe.


Remember yesterday I’d posted on the Bunga Durian? After coming back from work I terus make this dish. I add in prawns. Yummeh!!

What a generous day

Today might be the last day of working before Hari Raya for some people. But not for me. muhuu… I have to save my leave for my cousin’s wedding at the end of this year.


Thanks to my colleagues for the Raya Goodies. Very thoughtful!

And the best goodies I received today :


Bunga durian (Durian Flower) fresh from the orchard. It was from my office colleague as well.

I bet not many people knows about this type of flower. It can be cook like ‘Sayur Midin’. Stir fried them with belacan (shrimp paste).ย  Add some young corn.. Fuuh… Daaap (as in Amani’s).

This is my iftar menu for today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My week in pictures #1

Recently I found that mostly bloggers love to wrap up their weekdays activities into pictures. I’d love to try posting my week just like them. It will look more fun reading blog with pictures aye.

So here’s mine.

1. Hanging cubes – Found them at the Boulevard Mall, Kuching. I love perspectives. It’s been a while since the last time I took pictures.. huhu.

2. Amani Chan – This week she is 10 months. And now she is weight 10.2kg. muhuhu. Trying hard to stand up on her feet, non-stop talking and love teasing people. Her favourite words now “Daaap” (Sedap), “Tekkk” (Cantik..). She also loves to slap on people face. A hard one!


1. A cute Hari Raya Greetings Card from Ain. Thanks dear. I remember during my younger times, I love writing greetings card. We would bought the cards and wrote them during Solat Terawih. hehe…

2. August 2012 Drug – Yess. Another crime fiction from Lisa Gardner.

3. Recipe book – Eheh. I love pastry. Would love to try making the tart shell own my own. I’ve tried but always failed. Hopefully with this book, I can improve my skill.

4. Cutie brooch for Amani – It was from Ain. Can’t wait to attach on Amani’s baju kurung. ๐Ÿ˜‰