Family vacation Part I

Hello lovelies!
Sorry for a long silent from me.
I am now touched down the land of hornbil after spending 12 days at the Peninsular Malaysia.

It was a family vacation indeed. We were attending my father in-law’s niece wedding at Pontian, Johor. It was my first time coming to Johor. All this while I only went as far as Kuala Lumpur only. Really a homie person, muhuhu.


This is the beautiful bride, Ain. She looks stunning! I got the experienced watching the wedding tradition in Johor. Of course it was so different from ours in Sarawak. 😊


We spent three days at Pontian. On the third day I went on strolling along the beach at Pontian. Can you see the very rare rock? It’s really weird and unique, don’t you think? The town is just a small area, about 40 minutes drive from the village.


Amani really excited to see the sea. While walking along the path, there was a strayed cat approached her. The cat followed her everywhere. It was a cute cat indeed. After spending the morning walk along the beach, we went off to Johor Bahru.

Stay tuned for our next journey in Part II.