Happy Posto (Apr.16)

Assalamualaikum my friends and readers.

April 2016 is my happy mail month. I’ve been receiving postcards via my postcrossing project. This card was from Czech Republic. 

And the animal stamps. Cute!


 Few days after that I received two more postcards from Belarus and Russia.The postcards looks vintage and that was one of the requirement that I mentioned in my account. 


Even their stamps were unique. It was my first time to receive any mail from Belarus. 
And there goes the day after… I received two more from Finland and Lithuania. My first time too from both countries. 

Look at the mini stamps. How cutie! 😄

Last week I got this postcard in my mailbox. This beautiful sunset postcard was from Netherlands. 

And I love the stamp too. Learned it from my friend that this is Van Gogh. One of famous artist in Netherlands. ☺️

Happy Posto (Feb/2016)

Assalamualaikum dunia…

How are you my friends and readers.

This month I received a frog postcard from Netherlands. It was a card of Blijdrop Zoo in Rotterdam. The second card was from Finland. The sender chose a Valentine Card for me since it is February. I found that both cards were very cute. 😍 

Love the stamps on the postcards too. 🐸 

Do you have any postcards to share? πŸ˜‰

Postcard from Japan

Moshi moshi mina san!

I used to have pen pals from Japan. Not exactly a pen pal, more to cyber friends. We contacted through mixi website (it’s like a fb but in Japanese) and through email. Unfortunately, I’ve lost contact with them.

I always wanted to have incoming mails from Japan. Therefore I am still looking for new pen pals from the country.


Last week, I received a postcard from Japan. Well, it wasn’t from any new pals from there. This is from Abg Fadli of mytravellicious. I thanked him for the lovely card! It’s a Mount Fuji printed on it.

I hope I can get more incoming mails from the country of the sun rise in the future. Or I wish…. that someday I can visit Japan.

Ja! Mata ne~ Sayonara!

Happy posto (End of June 2014)

Hello readers… Sorry for neglecting the blog again. Did you missed me? Lol.

I was super busy last week. There were so many things to complete whether in office or in my house. I wish to go for a vacation when all of these are done.

However, there are things that could make smile with my daily super busy life. Incoming mails!!


First, I received a beautiful glittery postcard from Daniella of Georgia. The reflection of the river has glitter effects on it.


Another postcard received was from Afif of Indonesia. Such a beautiful view of the beach in Bali.


I also received a letter from my new pen pal Beam of Thailand. Thank you for the lovely letter which includes a postcard and some cute stickers. β™₯


Last but not least, a postcard from Ditta of Indonesia. It shows an illustration of a big bear and baby bear planting flowers. So sweet…


Thanks to the senders… now my collection of postcards and stamps are piled up. XD I would love to do swapping again with you guys next time.


Happy fasting to my Muslim friends… ^_^

Happy Posto Jan.2014

Hello there…

Received a mail from Singapore, last week. It was from Angela. Let’s see what’s inside the mail.

How sweet… Thank you my friend, for a thoughtful new year gifts. =)

This postcard really captured my heart. I never expect that she’ll keep it for me. It was my stitch work for Popin project. (spot the one with a heart sticker, that’s mine.) Thank you thank youuu so much!