Peach Roses and new baby cactis

Hello Sunday! 😸


In my last post, I have asked you which roses did I bought? Well, since only one had guessed and unfortunately that’s not the answer. So, there’ll be no prize for everyone. 😔 The above picture was neither the gift nor the cactus that I bought. The cactuses pot has inspired me to make one like that. The pot is cost RM104.++ if you are asking how much. 💸


Ta-da! This is the roses that I bought. I have been dreaming of having my own peach roses all the while. Lovely isn’t it! I love peach roses instead of red roses. Honestly, this is the first time I bought flower potted rose. I’m hoping it to survive well. Therefore I welcome any green fingers pro to give some tips and advice. 😉


And here are my new baby cactis. The one on the left was chosen by me. While the right side was chosen by DearDear. It surprised me when he told me that he would like to have one for himself. Wow! New hobby?


I bought three cactis that day. The third one is the one that in the middle of the two coloured cactis. I saw this type of cactus at Cameron Highlands before but I didn’t bought it that time. It took a risk to bring home. Couldn’t bear to watch it broken . haha. Luckily I found this type again. I just grab it for instance. 🌵


It’s so addictive! I even have set to mind what to buy next. muahahaha 😂

Potted Plants on Sale!

Moshi moshi minna san~ 😄

Hello and welcome. How was you weekend? Well, I’d been certainly busying myself with my family and…. my new babies.


New babies? 😉 First of all, let me served your eyes with this beautiful roses. Aren’t they look beautiful? Well, I bought one of them… Can you guess which colour? 🌹🌹


I always can’t say NO to cactuses. They are just beautiful in my eyes. These species were kind of hard to get in Kuching. I saw these types at Cameron Highlands. DearDear told me to choose which one I liked. Well, I chose two… and he chose one.


I think that were not enough. I’m still dreaming of other cactuses… I’m going again, after payday. hehe. Well, if you are in Kuching, you can hop over to the entrance of Tun Jugah building. They are selling potted plants until March. Looking for valentine’s gift to your loved ones? These potted plants are the perfect choices… Swoon over their hearts with flowers and plants! 💕💕

Urm.. that hint was actually directed to DearDear indeed. Lol! 😜

Soon I’m going to reveal the three new babies that I bought and the mystery rose. So what’s the guessing? I think I have some gift to give away for the correct answer. 💝