Smalls SAL August 2014

Check in time!

Last month I didn’t managed to submit any stitching project. It was my busy month. But no reason to not to check in the Smalls SAL for August 2014.

Here they are:


I’ve stitched on heart shapes with a mint green colour. I know it is too simple as I am running out of ideas on what to stitch. hehe.

The second one is a witch with the flying broom. Please don’t laugh at my ‘orange’ moon. It’s an eclipse! Lol!! That is my new charm. The witch charm, I just bought from online. Isn’t it cute? Well, it is suppossed to be a scary witch instead. πŸ˜…

Oh by the way, these stitches were part of my 39 Squares Project. Yeah yeah, I’m still way too far left behind. I bet some of you have finish the project.

Now, let’s hop to other participants. Happy stitching! πŸ˜„

Smalls SAL March 2014

Helloo everybody…
How are you today?
It’s time for the Smalls SAL March 2014. Are you ready….


Tada! I made a blue felt ornament. This time, I chose beading materials. The final result wasn’t really satisfied me. It looks messy. I guessed it might be becausec of the blue thread. The colour is too striking, right. Hmmm….. However, the Princess loves it. She said “it’s the most gorgeous handbag I’ve ever seen!” Lol!!!

It suits to you, Princess…

As for the TUSAL 2014 challenge. I think I haven’t meet the target.


It really shows that I had not doing my stitching/sewing project so much. 😦

Till then, peeps. Happy weekend!


Smalls SAL February 2014

I’m behind the deadline, again…
For Smalls SAL February 2014, I made this :


A pink rose ornament. As for this time, I stitched a small ribbon rosebud so it will add a 3D effect. I combined it with felt and cotton fabric.


Instead of one, I’m making two ornaments. Please ignore my bad and messy stitches. Need to improve it.

I’m planning to gather all the ornanents until December 2014 and hang it on a special tree. We’ll see…. ^_Γ—

Bye for now.

Azura Chan. xoxo

Smalls SAL January 2014

Ola everyone!

I’ve just finished my cross stitch for Smalls SAL for January 2014. Please click on the link Smalls SAL for more info.

Should have posted about it on 29 January, but I only managed to get it done last night. Sigh~

So here’s mine :-


A bit messy. 😦


I’m going to make it as an album cover. Look out for it in the future, aye!

Now, it’s time for blog hoping to other contestants. Da~

Oh, don’t forget to join my giveaway darls!

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Azura Chan. xoxo