Gennie Sunglasses

Before this I wasn’t bothered to wear a sunglasses. Since I am now a ‘mak supir’, I think the singlasses is a must have for driving.
So I bought one from Sophie Paris. Gennie Sunglassesbonky RM38.50.


Look at my model. I forgot to bring her own sunglases that day so I just let her wore mine. Bad decision… she didn’t to take it out. Sigh~

There are more choices from Sophie Paris.


Come come… do pm me if you are interested. Or email me at


Getting post

I love getting post.
After work yesterday, I found a poslaju on my bed. It was from my best friend, Ina. 😉


What could it be inside the parcel?


Wow! A Sophie Paris tote bag!
Now, let’s peek inside the bag.


Hooray. A set of Sophie Paris business kit and catalogues. Thanks Ina! Ya ku sayang ko.

So if you want to order products from Sophie Paris, don’t hesitate to contact me aye. 😉