June 2012 Drug

Welcome June 2012!

Here I am welcoming June with the last episode of Laksamana Sunan’s double-trilogy.

Sunan Musafir by Ramlee Awang Murshid.

This time is my special drug because I ordered this book last month.

What makes it so special?


A signature from RAM!!

p/s: Yaloh yaloh.. I know most of you also got his signature one…. But still, I am excited! hehew

Provoking Saturday

It’s Saturday. Working Saturday.
I hate going to work on Saturday
It’s like provoking my quality times.


How could I leave this little baby.
I always had a ‘heavy feeling’ whenever I had to go to work everyday.
How I wish I was a housewife and can give my 100% attention to my family. Like my mom. I always envy my mom.


By the way. I have finished reading Sutera Bidadari (Ramlee Awang Murshid). Dear,it was a blast! The best so far after Cinta Sang Ratu.
I love it when Ratu is back. Can’t wait for the final ending of this series Sunan Musafir.
May is approaching.
Must find May Drug as soon as possible. Hmmm…