My brother and his family came to Kuching last weekend.
Amani got to meet her cousins Danish and Damia.


Alli and Azura Juniors. Looks like they’re getting well together. Indeed, they keep scratching, shouting to each other. Pengsan! Lol!


Here’s the pretty Damia. A very active baby indeed. Now they’re back to Bintangor. Our home is back to normal mode. Sunyi.

Hopefully, we’ll meet again soon. 😉

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Much Love: Azura Chan.

First Time Abroad

Dear friends and readers.
I’m sorry for neglecting this blog for a few days.
I am away from my home town at the moment and my health condition is not good. I’ve  got the three course meals  : Sore throat, cough and flu.

We’re on holiday to attend the wedding of my husband’s cousin in Peninsular Malaysia. This is first time Amani went abroad using aeroplane. She knews aeroplane but she never board inside. So that day I told her, this is aeroplane… She took my tablet and asked to take a picture of it. There you go, a picture of aeroplanes.


Luckily she was enjoying her flight. I brought a small book and Doraemon stickers to keep her busy. The only problem was, she hates wearing the seat belt. (“)’


I know she is really into Princess thing.
After finished watching dvd, she moves to watch youtube on tab.


Currently, The Sofia the First series is very popular now. I bet she likes anything with Princess. Ain’t we’re all like that before? hehe.

Before going to sleep, she insisted to watch Princess Sofia. Again and again and again….. she watched it until the tab is running out of battery. Macam-macam style ada. Sigh~

Watching ‘Pincess’


Everyday. Night or day. Again and again and again and again.
This is her current favourite. She would begged me and said “Ma, Ma, Pincesss…”

Everytime if you heard that begging lines, just insert a DVD of Princess Barbie in a DVD player and let her watch. Whenever she watched the opening of the movie, she would dance and sing like nobody was there.
I never thought she would love watching Barbie. Bought the DVD for Yaya (my niece) instead. Now, she gets excited whenever she watched the movie.

It was good indeed. In the meantime, I could distract her for awhile and doing the house chores peacefully. However, sometimes she would drag me along and forced me to watch it together. If you have a contest about the movie, I am confident I can answer it 100%. I’ve memorised the dialogs, the plot and the songs…. Lol!

Guess I need to buy more Barbie DVDs after this. 😀

Till then readers, bye.
Azura Chan, xoxo.