DIY Vanity Makeover

Day 6 of the quarantine process…
Amani’s condition is getting well. However, rules are rules. We are still forbidden to go outside. So I take this opportunity to fill the time with my craft project and reading books.

Yesterday something possessed me. I became too energetic, too crafty that suddenly the idea to makeover my vanity set pop up in my mind.


I started with matching the wrapping paper and a table liner. Perhaps you would asked me why Pink? I don’t have the answer. It’s just so irresistible to look at the lovely flowers design and polka dots design.


First, let’s take a look at the closet behind the vanity mirror. I really disagree with the look. So dull and unorganised.


And then the cutting and matching process begins. What do you think? I love it! So I keep on doing the process until the final result.


Ta-da!! The look has transform! It looks so alive compared to the previous look.


Last but not least, this is the front dressing table look. Took my vintage flower vase to stuff the lotion bottles instead. Now… no more sore eyes.

Please tell me, do you like my idea? Till then, friends… bye for now.

Azura Chan xoxo

Vintage Dowry Decoration

I’ve uploaded a teaser for my dowry decorations in my instagram account.


Okay, today I’m going to reveal the whole designs.


The ring bearer…. I’ve combined lace and pearl beads for this design. Took a while to sew the beads, yup… I sew it. I don’t prefer to use glue because it might ruin the fabric.


Another one is the fruit bowl. If you recognised this design was used in my previous project. I only changed the ribbon around the bowl and make wreath of vintage flowers.

What do you think of my designs? I’m quite satisfied with my own achievement. Thank you for your comment guys. =)

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Till then, ciao!

Azura Chan. xoxo

Treasure found : Part II

Look what I found while ‘trashing’, clearing the junks at the horrible section. Yeah, still haven’t finish clearing that section. I wonder when will it end. Sigh~


Teng tedeng!! It’s a vintage makeup case! Used to be own by my aunty, and then she gave it to my mother. I remember mom would stored all her beauty tools inside the case. And then she gave it to my brother, for stuffing his toys. (???).

Now… it’s mine!! Yeah!! I’m sure they wouldn’t want to keep the old stuff anymore, but I’m a vintage fan. I will do some touch up for this case and turn it to be like a brand new. You’ll see the result soon… 😀
Ah.. so excited.