Congrats Ain!

Hello lovelies ❤️


It’s a wedding season! And one of my girl is getting married last weekend. Congratulations Ain & hubby. You look beautiful like a princess!


We took the chance to gather a small reunion among my two ex colleagues – Ratna & Angelia. That’s us, wefie together. It’s not easy to meet again after this.

Wedding Anniversary

On 12th February, it was our Wedding Anniversary.

anniversary ring


Happy Anniversary DearDear.

We didn’t celebrate it because, on that day it happened to be the day my father was admitted to the hospital.

That should answer why I posted this entry late.

At the moment, our family is a bit down. Catching up with the latest news about my father, going back and home to the hospital especially my mom and my two brothers. I’m sure, there will be a better answer for this ‘musibah’. Just be strong dad! You have a full support from us.

Well, last week while I was doing the spring cleaning in my room I found this…

wedding card

Wedding cards from friends and families.

I haven’t sort it out. I decided to put them into my album. Next project (marked on!).

While flipping through each card, and then I found this….



Can you spot  that? Happy Naked Day! Cheeky you Erry. :-p

I remember laughing out loud when I open this card before. And it still makes me laugh.

Thanks everyone for the gifts, cards, wishes….

Counting days…

I am counting days. Hold up my fingers…

Another 3 days to be at my hometown – Sibu.

I miss my hometown. muhuhu….

Well, that’s not exactly what I’m excited of.

I am more into the mood because my beloved cousin is getting married.

And the best part is, she is getting married to DearDear’s friend.

Let say that their love at the first sight happened during my wedding day.

They were our best man and brides maid.


To my beloved cousin, am happy for you and can’t wait to see you look beautiful.

And to Man, welcome to our family. 🙂

See you guys in Sibu!

Cousin’s Wedding

Yesterday, attended my cousin’s wedding reception.

How time flies. Dah kahwin dah Dewi.  Still remember when we were still young, main kejar-kejar at our grandmother’s house.

Hehe… Bila tengok cousins yang dulu kecik-kecik dah kahwin, I feel old. muhuhu

Let me shower you with some of the pictures taken yesterday. (DearDear didn’t bring along Baby Nikon, so we use only hp camera)

This picture below  was taken from my aunty’s hp. Credit to her. Tak sempat nak ambik gmbr pengantin…

Dewi & Adha


Look at her, a stunning bride! =D



Bersanding baru…. hahaha


Amani just woke up from nap. hehe

Potong cake

Next wedding? 2 months to go… another cousin’s wedding. hehe