September 2014 Drugs

Updating my September III & IV 2014 Drug.


September III 2014 Drug : Bercakap Dengan Jun. This book is really cool. I like the way he narrates the story.


September IV 2014 Drug : Awan by Syafiq Aizat
This is the sequel of Ajaib. I prefer this book rather than the first one. The author really have many brilliant ideas.

More reviews on my Goodreads account. Looks like I am more into Malay urban book nowadays. And I am gonna hunt for more books.

Overnight Oatmeal


During weekend, I have tried preparing an overnight oatmeal for my breakfast. The first time I saw this recipe was from Yee Ling’s blog. It looks healthy and easy to prepare. I just love the way she presented the oatmeal.


Indeed it is super easy and addictive. I only tried making for a small portion first. For the topping, I’ve added orange and walnuts. The taste? It tastes healthy! πŸ˜ƒ

Can’t wait to try with some other toppings. 😜


Hello lovely readers…

How are you feeling today? I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your love ones.

From this moment on, I am dependable with these stuff. Knee support, medicines and anti-inflammatory gel. Let me tell you why….


Last two week I had twisted my knee. I was carrying Amani and tried to sit on the floor. As I sat, I feel something ‘weird’ on my thigh. The day after, my leg felt weak and I couldn’t straightened my knee properly. To make it worst, I had a problem with my right knee. I had a mild athritis, lived with this symptom since I am fourteen years old. So my left knee is my support all this while. Since both of my knees couldn’t support me to stand, I felt so helpless. The pain and condition continued until two weeks. Then I decided to see a doctor. There it goes again. I had a ligament tear (again). πŸ˜” I never expected it to be like this. Never thought that carrying Amani will caused this pain. huhu. The doctor told me it may took 2 weeks or 2 months to fully recover from the tear. πŸ˜₯


And why do I mention it had happened again? I had a history of ligament tear seven years ago. That time it was my ankle. You can read my story on my old blog.

Now both of my knees, my legs are completely fragile. The doctor had mentioned to me before, once you tear the tissue or ligament, it is prone to tear again. After this I need to be extra careful with my legs. Most important thing is to watch out my weight. Overweight can caused a shooting pain on my knees. Speaking of overweight, I am still thinking what a miracle experience I had when I was pregnant before. My weight was 88kg during pregnancy and luckily I didn’t suffered any knee pain. Thanks Allah….


Here is some remedy I found on Pinterest. If you have any remedies for joint paint sufferer like me, please do not hesitate to share it with me. Thank you. ☺️

#tbt : My boyfriend

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!

Today I’d like to introduce to you my long time boyfriend. I’ve been loyal to him since childood. Presenting….


This is Mr. Kerokerokeroppi. I liked this character since I was in Primary 5. I remember the first time I saw him when I went to the stationery shop. I saw one ruler with Kerokerokeroppi on it. I fell in love on the spot! 😍
The throw pillow and arm pillow were given by DearDear. He knew I fancy Mr. K and so he bought these to me.


And then I tried to searched and collected items which has Keroppi face on it. Back on that time, this character was not very popular in Malaysia. I’ve tried to stop collecting its stuff when I had passed on my teenage. However, my family and my friend kept on giving me froggy items as presents. When they went somewhere else and spot on the froggy items, they would automatically thought on me. It’s like my trademark as they told me.

I guessed we are destined to be forever. I won’t mind if people will laugh at me someday… when I’m old and still fancying Mr. Kerokeroppi. Lol😝

Charms & Doodles

Hello lovely readers! 😘😘😘

I have new charms that I bought from Juicy Craft. Look at them… so cute. You can purchase some other crafts and cute stuff from Juicy Craft. πŸ˜‰


You must be wondering what is the background book in that picture. It’s a doodle book I made for Amani. She asked me to draw herself with fancy doughnuts. She really liked the idea of doodling.


So I’ve turn a used notebook for her Doodles Book. (A souvenir from DearDear’s attended course). Basically I am the one who do the doodles. She would asked me to draw what’s on her mind and I just doodle them. Am not so good at drawing indeed, but I found that doing this activity with Amani is so fun. She would looked so impressed when I finished ‘doodling’.


I know her level is not up to drawing yet. So I just let her helped me colouring the doodles. As usual, her choice of colour… must be Pink! lol. Everytime she finished her ‘doodles’ I would praised her like “Nice!” “Good girl!” “Pandai Amani!” It encourages her to love drawing and holding pencils.

Yeah… Too excited and too creative to doodles on the wall. 😜 (If you have followed my previous post, you will know what I mean here. Lol!)