Floating Book Fair

Hello my friends and readers.

Have you ever heard of a floating book fair? It was my first time, indeed.


All this while I only heard people talking about the book fair in a ship. It was held every year in a vessel called Logos Hope. However, I only had a chance to go inside the Logos Hope last week. 


Over 5,000 books offered in this book fair. I love the children section. They have so many selections and cost not more than RM20! I never thought that I would attracted to the books. My mistake that day was not bringing more money. Therefore I only bought two books and three postcards only. Sigh~


Okay, the Friendship Bracelet book is for me. 😜 Only the Brilliant Bumper Activities for Amani. Lol! 


While me and my friends browsing around the books, some of us went crazily taking selfies. Lol! Always bring book lovers to go to the book fair. Otherwise, you would feel like being chased by someone. I only managed to do a quick scan at some shelfs. I’ll definitely will come again. Perhaps, bringing along Amani. 


In case you want to have an experience on floating book fair, then hurry you go. It will last until 29/4/2015.

Escape : Pantai Puteri, Santubong

Hi everyone. 

Have you ever feel like to runaway from your current problem, sometimes? Well, if your answer is no then it’s a lie. I bet everyone will have a desire to escape from a dire situation even if it’s only for a few minutes.


Looking at this picture gives a peaceful feeling inside my mind. My favourite escape spot is to the beach. This is Pantai Puteri, Santubong.


DearDear and me used to visit this place whenever we encountered problems back at home, university or work. This time around we brought Amani along. Well, of course the girl is problems free. She was very excited to see the beach however refused to play with the sand and water. 😂 Look at her, acting like a diva!


That day I taught her to collect the seashells.  It was her first time learning the new lesson. She gets very excited to learned that the seashells have so many different types and sizes. When we reached home, she was happilly told her stories to my mother about the seashells.

tbt: 1982

My Throwback Thursday’s entry appears to be a polaroid picture of me and my mom, grandmother, my eldest brother, sister and my late grandfather. 


I was 8 months in the picture. The picture was taken at my grandparents house in Sibu. Kampung Bandong, precisely. The place where I grew up until I’m eleven, the three of us were taking care by our grandparents. Now it’s almost a year and a half that I haven’t visited my hometown. Kinda miss my ‘kampung’ already. 

I feel greedy

Moshi moshi minna san! 😆

This month I feel very greedy when it comes to my ‘drug collections’. Lol!


Welcoming my new drugs for this month. 

  1. The Bane Chronicles – Cassandra Clare
  2. To all the boys I’ve loved before – Jenny Han
  3. Fairest – Marissa Meyer
  4. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs

If you are still remember I used to mention that I bought myself a book as my birthday present, that is the fourth book. I’m halfway reading it, and I can’t put it down. Saw some sources from the author’s instagram, the book is now in the filming process. I can’t wait!


And these are some of the new ebooks that I’d downloaded last night. More and more on Young Adults genres. Hehe. All I have to find is ‘time’ for reading all these drugs. And I’m still looking for moreee. I feel greedy. 😁


That is so like me. 😝

Selfood moment

Hello friends and readers.

I confess, I like taking picture of food. I’m aware that some eyes were staring at me with annoyance, whenever I tried to take the picture of food on my table. I know, some people did upload on something about the fault on posting food pictures on facebook. I am sorry if the picture that I took could hurt some people feelings. Well, I have my own reason. It’s a habit! Just like when people taking a selfie at every place they go, or check-in on the fourthsquare, or updating status on their facebook, or…. posting lots and lots of religious advices, healthy tips, relationship goals on their wall. I think we all have the same habit! I could still enjoy seeing those pictures/stories from my wall. However, some people may not. I hope some of these narrow minded people would realised that they are sometimes very ‘annoying’ too. 

I have plenty of reasons on why I love taking ‘selfood’ (Selfie + food).

  • I love the food/dish that I’m having
  • I love the way it presented on my table
  • The food is yummy
  • I like food
  • I want to share the greatest food to other people as well
  • I’m helping the owner of the restaurant/shop/stall, the cook to promote their food
  • I love the art of food (some people may not understand this)
  • I’m motivating myself to master in cooking/baking someday 😁
  • Food on pictures are more tempting than hot body. muahahaha

There is no reason to show-off! 

“A good deed dies when it is spoken about” – Arab proverb

Enough nagging. 

Let me share with you my selfood moment. 😉

My favourite @ Sugar Bun

Fried Noodles @ The Food Gallery, Tun Jugah.

Madam Tangs Sarawak Laksa @ The Spring Food Bazaar

Nasi Ayam Penyet @ De Mona’s Cafe

Nasi Goreng Pattaya @ Dayang Salhah Cuisine.

Haircut and rewards….

Hi and good day my lovelies. 😍

Last Sunday Amani had her haircut at the saloon. This is her second time having haircut here. She still need to be rewarded if she could behave nicely and didn’t cry. 

Ta-da! She was enjoying getting pampered at the saloon. Often I caught she was smiling at herself in front of the mirror. Haha. So this is Amani’s new look. Looks more childish and her teachers called her Dora at school. lol 

And she had passed the test! She didn’t cry and behave herself. Here’s a reward for her. This girl is so easy to ‘pujuk’. You only need  to treat her with a fried chicken and an ice-cream. That would be enough to please her. 😁

Thank goodness she had a maximum good mood level that day. She even enjoyed my Dried Kolo Mee (Mi Kolok Kerin). I love the taste of Kolo Mee and the fried chickens are always da bomb! I bet you know where is this place. We were having dinner at The All Joy, Wisma Seberkas. I remember during my pregnant with Amani, DearDear used to ‘tapau’ the Fried Chicken for me. And we would eat it together during our after work driving to home. No wonder, Fried Chicken is Amani’s favourite food. Haha.