Mission: The Lone Ranger

What I missed the most after confinemant is going to the cinema. After gave birth, I had stop watching movie at  the cinema. But deep inside me, I’m longing to go since it was my favourite activity before. Hehe.
So after doing some negotiation with my mom, finally I’ve got the green light!


Luckily Amani also can tolerate with her Mama and Abah that night. She slept very well and didn’t woke up. Me and DearDear sneaked out and chose the second last show for that night. After all, the cinema took only 2 minutes to arrive from our home. Haha.


We watched The Lone Ranger. And if it does not because of Johnny Depp, I wouldn’t came out with the idea.(sneaking out in the middle of the night, just like a grounded teenager. Lol).

Anyway, thanks to Oster (my best friend) for bring up the idea in the first place. Terubat sikit hati… But DearDear warned me “Jangan buat selalu…”