Popin Project Final

Hi there. Happy Monday!
As I promised I am going to reveal my Cross Stitch Popin Project.


After searching for so many ideas, at last I decided to sew on my favourite character – Kerokerokeroppi. I thought by sewing this froggy will trigger my mood.


I love it when finally the froggy had all the colours. Since it looked so simple, I add in two clouds and purple flowers around it. The yellow and fuschia flowers under the froggy were my last minute idea.


So here’s the final product of the project. Ain suggested to sew a trademark on it, so I sewed the AC on the right. AC stands for Azura Chan. 😛

I have posted my work to Singapore. And I hope I can get a chance to see my work at the exhibition next month. Which means, I’m planning to visit Singapore! Yeay~

11 thoughts on “Popin Project Final

  1. That is very cute frog!!! Nice work.

    Which remind me I still have one outstanding cross stitch that not yet done. It has been there for few years now Lol. Hope to finish it soon.

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